General Poetry posted April 29, 2017

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The Passion of Ann M.

The Passion

by Wabigoon

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Anne Marie
lay on the top of her bed
in her crimson Cheerleader's skirt
but nothing else
the nuclear fireball in the back yard behind her house
was getting bigger
it looked like a black and white Kandinsky
swallowing the tract homes of Dreamland
in super slow motion

Anne Marie had me outside in the street again
trying to get to her house to save her
from the hell's angels
it was her favorite Law and Order

there were three of them this time
upside-down crucifixes, Maltese crosses, swastikas
in chromium and black metal flake
smelling like crow sweat, shop class
demon fire in church

the biggest Hell's angel with the scrufty beard
stabbed me through the letter jacket
with the burning sickness
the puppy of it whimpered beneath her skirt
she did not caress its soft nose for fear it would lick her finger
rewound the fantasy

this time I was getting the better of one of them
when the fat one came up from behind
yanked me with a chain around the neck
then beat me to death with the baseball bat
she rewound the fantasy
before the blood splattered across the black top of North Ave.

Anne Marie gasped
felt up Christ's falsie
the angel Gabriel carried the flaming blue phlox
in UICSM IV the puppy was licking the president's brain matter
from Miss Bruce's finger
for the first time in her life
Anne Marie felt...the possibility of Lazarus

no she didn't
she didn't feel a thing
because the Dead Sea Scrolls
came down around the house

these are the main reasons
the fire Ball
in Anne Marie's back yard
blossomed in Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945

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