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This work has reached the exceptional level
A special animal in my life.

A Dog Named Dog

by prettybluebirds

Beautiful Creatures Contest Winner 

Dog came into our life in 1980. He was a beautiful pup, pure white sporting a pink nose; a full blooded white German Shepherd. The owner of the dairy farm my son and I worked on gave us the pup. He wanted us to train the animal to herd cows, and for protection. Why we never named the pup, I don't remember. We called him Dog from day one, and the name stuck.

Dog and my son, Roy, bonded instantly. They slept together, and if you saw one of them, the other wasn't far away. They roamed the woods and the fields, a boy, and his dog, doing whatever boys and dogs do.

While Roy was in school, Dog followed me about or stayed in the house while I cleaned or cooked. At precisely 4:00 p.m. Dog would ask to go outside where he sat by the road and waited for the school bus. It was like the animal had an alarm clock embedded in his brain, he never missed the time by even a minute.

Dog grew into a superb cow herder. He brought the cows in to be milked on his own, handling the reluctant critters firmly, but gently. Again, that internal clock told Dog what time to bring the herd to the barn.

Then, in 1985, tragedy struck when Roy died in a hunting accident. Of course, Dog couldn't understand where his buddy had gone to, and there was no way to tell him what happened. Dog continued to wait for the bus with hopes his pal would return. We grieved together.

Dog and I never got over the loss of Roy. Sadly, Dog developed cancer and had to be euthanized two years after Roy's death. I still miss both of them terribly.

Writing Prompt
Write a short essay about an animal - maximum 300 words. It can be a beloved pet or a wild animal you admire. The photo you include should be of the animal, or type of animal, you are describing.

Beautiful Creatures
Contest Winner


The picture is the last one taken of Dog and Roy together. Roy was about 14 at that time. Dog was a beautiful and unique animal. I will cherish the time we three spent together forever. 296 words
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