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cast for TV pilot filmed in Galapagos Islands

The Case of the Stolen Conches

by Mark D. R.

character cast for a cable/TV pilot Contest Winner 

Cast for TV Pilot

The only detective agency in the Galapagos archipelago solves civil and criminal cases. Their most recent investigative matter is: "The Case of the Stolen Conches." Recent Galapagos Tribune newspaper headline: "Conches Confiscated from Conference Center." Often, their business meetings, including their personal after-work activities are conducted at the Shell Bar.

The main characters include:

Galapagos Isles Legal Agency (GILA) executive staff:
  • Ms. Blu 'Little' Foote -- the GILA agency's head honcho -- (Blue-Footed Booby)
  • Redd 'Biggie' Foote -- 'Little's' twin, corporate VP; plays semi-pro basketball in Ecuador. The Foote twins are possible relatives to author and Civil War historian, Shelby Foote. DNA results are pending. -- (Red-Footed Booby)
  • Stephen 'Stash' Seal -- corporate financial officer, always overdressed -- (Galapagos fur seal)

GILA administrative and support staff:
  • Tomasina Tortoise -- P/T detective, AARP trip organizer, on workers compensation leave due to a disabling back injury. This has affected her self-confidence. Through therapy, she's working on coming out of her shell. -- (Galapagos tortoise)
  • Isabel 'Izzy' Iguana -- probationary investigator, who is having a rocky time with her job assignments -- (land iguana)
  • Red 'Lippy' Batfish -- paid informant, scuba diver; on a kelp diet for obesity and recently joined local Kelpaholics Anonymous support group -- (Red-Lipped Batfish)
  • Lavelle Lazard -- bookkeeper, computer tech -- (Lava lizard)

Notable island residents:
  • Dr. Darwin Finch -- local physician and medical examiner, bon vivant, former adjunct professor at Cornell University's School of Veterinary Medicine -- (Darwin's finch)
  • Sal 'Lightfoot' Crabbe -- reformed pickpocket, former surf-boarder, failed to qualify for the Island Olympics in diving -- (Sally Lightfoot crab)
  • Fern Seal -- former singer, Island's sole Uber cab driver, recently separated after six years of marriage to Stephen Seal, but shares joint custody with their children -- (Galapagos fur seal)

Shell Bar staff:
  • Alba Tross -- white-haired Shell Bar owner; lived on Espanola Island before his wife died -- (Waved Albatross)
  • Penny Guinn -- night bartender who always wears a black bowtie -- (Galapagos penguin)
  • Carmen Cormoranta -- immigrated from Brazil 10 years ago, Shell Bar's main singer-dancer -- (Galapagos cormorant)
  • Ethan Hawk -- sous chef (Galapagos hawk)
  • Mac 'King' Byrd -- bus boy -- (Galapagos mockingbird)
  • 'Toots' Turtle -- sexy waitress, and sometimes karaoke performer -- (green sea turtle)

Shell Bar patrons:
  • Ms. Merry -- in her late 80s, her mother was a flapper on the vaudeville stage; she comes into the bar every afternoon at 4:30 and orders a Pink Flamingo drink -- (America flamingo)
  • Madame Fleur -- French teacher at local K-12 school -- (painted lady butterfly)
  • Luccello Frigate -- an Italian national, frequent Shell Bar patron, who is not afraid to show her colors -- (frigatebird)
  • Ceil Lyon -- Luccello's companion, a transplanted French national -- (Galapagos sea lion)
  • Gil 'Ape' Pagoes -- surly captain of Celebrity Cruise Line's XPedition -- (Galapagos shark)

character cast for a cable/TV pilot
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