Spiritual Non-Fiction posted March 13, 2019

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What God whispers to me about a life. Pl read Author Notes

God Whispers to Me a Life

by Alcreator Litt Dear

God whispers to me what life is and how to make an immortal life, the gist or essence, I express! Please read Author Notes
God, thank you! I beg your pardon for you know my limited power of expression. I was proud to listen to your gracious whisper to me.

O man, remember! God whispered to me about a life, I try to express the gist or essence of His Words. Life is only a life; living is only not living a life but, living means and includes a good, bad, immortal, mortal, sacrificial, or, non-divine living of a life.

You know, He Creates and Gifts a life, placing an invisible and indestructible soul in a body to make it a life. Soul exists for survival of life for a period of time. A soul leaves a body and a life ends with an inevitable death.

You are free to live your life as you wish, please, like, desire or choose. Live a life to make it good. Get a good life if you truly follow and listen to your soul honestly in course of your living. Get no second take. You will get an award, effect, fruition or result for every action or activity you take in course of living your life.

He makes His Plan for each life but you are the real doer of your life. Believe in God. Try to know His plan for your life. Act according to His Plan, and if you do, you will make an immortal mortal or good stand of life, for God will help you all the way till you leave your temporary living on this gifted land He Gifts to you.

He gifts you a life with a soul. You are free to choose, maintain and make a good life. As per your ability and power you live as per His Plan, and as per your ability, standard, wish of living, you may set an example of an immortally mortal living at par with your stand of living and accordingly you prove your faith in God. But, being conscious or not, when you live as per your own wish, pleasure, plan, pride, whims, or being conscious or unconscious of God's Plan, and when you ignore, wink, escape, or violate His Glory, and you make a bad living positively.


Define Life Non-Fiction Contest writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a Non-Fiction in between 350 and 400 words defining what is a life using four words: God, immortal, mortal, and living.


Please read this Author Notes in order to save our resources and time

This is not exactly what God whispers to me, this is only a gist in my own expression; this is not a contest entry today; contest is over in March 2019

Repetition is essential and intentional and purposive in order to help you appreciate the essence, clarity of expression of this work

Please do not doubt or raise any doubt or questions about the whispers and why God whispers to me; How God spoke to me, when and where or why and how รข?? all are questions beyond this work

God, immortal, mortal and living - 4 prompt words are in red; I know, the contest is over, this is not redundant even today

Thank you for reading and writing fair reviews

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