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Define Life Non-Fiction Contest

Immortal Life

by dovemarie

God, as we know, is, always was, and always will be. God created me as a living human being, destined to become immortal, like Himself. Right now, in my mortal life, it seems like I've been living a long time -- too long. Living is hard, but it can be good too. I've had a lot of ups and downs in this mortal life. The immortal future I can enter into is glorious. God created living creatures to share His immortal life. He became a mortal man, a human being like us, living in poverty. God is life. God is love. For a long time I tried to earn a living, but it just seemed as though God was telling me to wait. Living my drab mortal life filled with nothing (no job, no boyfriend, no higher education, no license) made me look into the tabernacle where the Eucharistic, immortal God is truly living. He looks back at me and promises immortal life.

Living in a mental institution, I wondered what my future would be like. Mortal wounds filled my soul, and I seriously thought about discontinuing living on this earth. But I knew that would be a mortal sin. Living with God in an immortal future is something I dream about and look forward to. Living here on earth, I know God is with me. I am an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion in the Catholic Church, and I give the immortal Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of the living God practically every week. Passing from mortal to immortal living is a promise God has made to all who believe in Him.

Living sometimes makes me feel as though this mortal life will never come to an end! But I know we all die, and if we believe in God, we will inherit the gift of Heavenly immortality. I feel as though my verses in poetry are something immortal - that they will live on forever, even after I am gone. Words are living, and they are also immortal, although they come from mortal human beings. To me, music, singing, and writing are parts of immortal life.

Define Life Non-Fiction Contest writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a Non-Fiction in between 350 and 400 words defining what is a life using four words: God, immortal, mortal, and living.

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