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It started with a few brown shirts

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by Bar62

Donald Trump is the evilest, and most dangerous man in the world today.
How many times do I have to voice my opinion and feelings regarding the sentencing that Donald J. Trump should receive for taking our country to the brink of disaster? He has broken just about every Constitutional regulation in the book. Here is the evidence to substantiate these rather outrageous charges. 
. Obstruction of Justice—Treason: As far back as the controversy with James Comey, Trump has been in the center of whatever was transpiring with the FBI (at the time James Comey was the FBI Director), including Michael Flynn. Trump has been calling the shots early on. He is not as stupid as people paint him. Between Trump’s tweets and what he expressed on almost a daily basis, it was clear that Donald Trump had an intimate understanding of the administration plans to take 2016, 2020 Presidential elections by whatever means necessary. Trump publicly praised Paul Maniford for standing up to the FBI and refusing to buckle under to their pressure.  Maniford looking at a very long stretch in prison was none-the-less confident that Trump would get him out on a Presidential Pardon.
.  Climate Change:  The Republican party has made the biggest mistake that could be the nail in their coffins. Avoiding Climate Change! 
.  Other crimes, misdemeanors and character flaws:  From day one, Donald J. Trump has miss-interpreted, mistaken and miss-used countless policies, directives and bills passed by the legislature. He and his administration have been in court so many times, being sued or suing another entity; it’s difficult to keep them straight. In so far as his immigration policies are concerned, his attitudes and policies are all tinged with hatred, white supremacy, bigotry and racism. The proof‘s in the pudding, when the border crossings were vastly over-crowded in countless towns and villages along our southern border with Mexico, ICE, at the behest of President Trump separated the children from their families, and when the situation grew out of hand, the Powers that be decided to put children in cages like animals.
. Legal Battle - What blows me away is that Trump has done so much to spit in the eye of our Democracy, from refusal to turn over his taxes to non-compliance in divesting from his personal businesses, putting him at risk of violating the emollient act. The crazy thing is he doesn’t seem to care, he believes taking some very bad advice from his legal team that he is above the law. Trump has, for the most part, sailed clear of any repercussions for the shenanigans he is responsible for.
.  Trump’s most recent excursion into violating the laws of the land occurred recently when Donald called the President of  Ukraine and threatened to hold back U.S. aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine investigated Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, a Democratic running in the 2020 Presidential elections. 

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