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They don't teach cursive writing anymore

The Right to Write

by Patty Palmer

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Over the last several years the school systems in the United States has stopped teaching cursive writing to students. I feel this practice is going to hinder people in the future.

Since it's not taught, many school teachers today are not able to write or read cursive themselves! When I meet a teacher for the first time, I make a point to ask them if they are able to write and read cursive writing. Most tell me no, they were never taught cursive even in college. A few have told me that they are able to recognize something written in cursive but are unable to read it. I find this mind-boggling! I asked them what do they do if a parent sends a note to them about their child and it's written in cursive? Their answer is to find someone else who can read it for them. I have to admit that I am one of those parents that when I need to send an excuse to the teacher, I make a point of writing that excuse in cursive. My granddaughter had to read her excuse to the teacher. I consider that a real shame.

I've been out to find out just why they would stop teaching writing in the schools. No time to teach writing but yet my granddaughter took a pottery class last year for an actual grade! Pottery versus cursive writing? One teacher chuckled when he told me this and did so discretely. He said that when the students have to pass the big important tests like PSSA or Keystone tests in order to graduate, there is no grade given for cursive writing. Therefore, why teach it if there isn't a real reason for it? I find this answer probably is the closest to the truth.

By not being able to read cursive writing, there are things that this generation will miss out on knowing. On a trip to Washington, D.C., friends went to the Smithsonian Institute!. Her grandson asked what was one of the displays . It was The Declaration of Independence! Look at how many historical documents are written in cursive, and one day in a future generation, they won't mean anything to anybody.

Will we have to go back to the ages of signing our names with an X? I took the initiative to teach my granddaughter cursive writing from an early grade school age. She mentioned to me one day that in her classroom there are only two students besides herself that can read and write cursive. I know that they will never take football from the school system! It's more important to learn how to throw a football and tackle people for the few high school years than to teach students something that they would use for a lifetime!

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I really hope that taking cursive writing out of the schools to be taught isn't going leave them illiterate one day.
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