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Until Death Runneth Over

by Ricky1024

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
"Til Death Runneth Over"
Written on October 9th, 2019
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'All Rights Reserved'
(Theology 48.02)
"The night was cold with a chill in the air."
"And, yes that November 26th 2003."
"A time I so wish that was never there."
"She told me that she was next."
"Yes, and only a few days after the Death of our Only-begotten Son Jay."
"Time Enhances Images past."
"With regrets that shall Forever Last."
(Theology 48.03)
"Previously, I realized that something was seriously wrong."
"Both physically and mentally."
"Wrong with my only wife Carolyn."
"So, I took her to have her blood pressure tested at the local supermarket.
"And, it was half the normal amount?"
"Time passeed into the early morning hours."
"So, I decided it was time to go to bed."
"Carolyn wasn't quite ready yet so I asked her if she needed help going to the bathroom and she replied no."
"I also tested her to see how many fingers I was holding up and she passed."
"Three hours past and it was now 4 A.M. in the morning."
"That was when I heard a Horrible noise!"
"And, it was Carolyn trying to get from the bathroom into the bedroom."
"Collapsing and taking in the "Death Breath!"
"She, I called Nine-One-One immediately!"
"I tried the best that I could to revive her and was successful."
"Shortly after, a police officer from Stafford Township arrived follow then with the paramedics."
"She refused to go to the hospitalfor treatment as suggested."
"They had checked out and her vitals were now fine?"
"They decided to take her and have her checked again to the Southern Ocean County Hackensack Meridian hospital in Manahawkin, New Jersey."
"At this point in time, I called my closest daughter Kyle Erin Harbach and told her something horrible had just happened to your mother."
"Get over to the hospital immediately!"
"Sometimes when things go wrong?"
"Death dances to a new song."
(Theology 48.04 )
"It took me about Twenty minutes to pack some clothes to take over there to bring her home."
"And, when I arrived at the hospital?"
"Kyle was standing at the emergency room door crying."
"I asked her what was wrong and she said...
'It's Mommy, she's Dead!'
"That was almost Seventeen, years, ago and as I reflect back on that day."
"I realize how short and fragile our existence on this Earth is to this very *Day."
Approximate Word Count: 442.

*Day: n.
tenty four hours, part of a week
special thanks goes out first as always to heavenly father and his son Jesus to Christ follow my fanstory and Tom the administrator fanartreview and this amazing artist, 'booklotto.'
And, there Incredible Picture Entitled, "At Last Retreat?"
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