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Happy Tenth, My Love

by Barb Hensongispsaca

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
I know you're lying on the floor,
'twas me who put you there.
It was so easy to attack
when you got on the stairs.

You promised me your love divine,
I promised mine to you.
You told me how I'd failed so bad
in everything I'd do.

The accusations, first to come,
progressed to mental pain.
The beatings started slowly but
what did you hope to gain?

The first month of our wedded bliss,
found me with jaws wired shut.
The second found me two black eyes,
the third was three deep cuts.

Four missing teeth you gave to me
the fourth month of our lives.
The fifth was some of your best work,
my stab wounds numbered five.

Our sixth month was my longest one
you were at your best form.
Six dislocations were too much,
but I weathered the storm.

The seventh month brought color to
my pale and skinny form;
'cause seven black and blue spots made
my skin colored and warm.

The eighth month showed your artistry
with eight cigarette burns.
Nine broken bones came in the ninth,
my time had come - I'd learned.

Forgiveness I can do no more,
your pledge and pleadings - gone.
I can't believe a word you say,
I'll never be your pawn.

This is the anniversary
of ten months wedded bliss.
I figured what you planned for me
was tasting of death's kiss.

Decided 'twas time to fight back,
the stairs will take your life.
So Happy Anniversary -
I'm now your mourning wife.

Ajith Nanayakkara thank you for permission to use your picture.

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. In 1970's, I wore sunglasses most of my days to hide the black eyes and long sleeved shirts to hide bruises. Then, there was no open help like there is today. But even now, with help to be found, some relationships are still not known until it is too late. I wound up running for my life.

Sometimes it takes the battered spouse years to come to terms that they are not supposed to be a punching bag for someone who has had a bad day or just for a person who loves to inflict pain and power over a weaker one. When the pain goes on and on, the victim breaks and there is a death either at the hands of the abuser or the victim has had enough.

If you are a victim or know someone who is, you are not alone and you can survive, you are already a survivor. Just go for help.

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Artwork by Ajith Nanayakkara at

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