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Grocery workers are nonessential
Essentially Nonessential by ExperiencingLiphe
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Everyone turned to us,
fears of lockdown,
and a toilet paper shortage.

Everyday we left the safety of our house
and worked long hours.
While we slowly lost our sanity.

Limits had to be set,
people got mad at things beyond our control,
but, we reminded ourselves that we were essential.

Slowly, it started getting slower,
people couldn't hoard with limits.
We all stumbled through the pandemic together.

A vaccine gave the essential workers hope,
things would slowly start to get better.
We'd be protected.

Until one day, we all woke up,
and all grocery store employees were deemed unessential.
No longer able to get the vaccine early.

Everyone turned to us,
now we can't turn to anyone in return,
we are essentially nonessential.


Author Notes
I work in Wisconsin at a grocery store. They deem all grocery store workers nonessential. We were essential so everyone could get their toilet paper and three months of food, but suddenly, everyone has food and we aren't essential anymore.

Obviously, health care workers, at risk people, EMT's, police officers, teachers, etc should be vaccinated before us. However, they took us off the list completely. We now have to wait to get vaccinated with everyone else and who knows when that will be.

It's so irritating. I broke my foot when all of this started so I missed the mass chaos that all my co workers had to go through. They worked 10-12 hour days, and sometimes working 6 days a week. They were in continual contact of everyone that came into the store. They got screamed for the limits we had to set because everyone was hoarding, they got screamed at because of how long they had to wait in line because there were simply so many people. It goes on and on.

Yet, we're nonessential? It just drives me insane. Again, I don't want to take away from any other essential person who is above us. I just want to be on the essential list, somewhere, like we were at the beginning. To completely drop us like that is ridiculous. I'm sorry I started ranting. Really, thanks for reading and remember to be kind.


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