- Lost Love by Quiet Guy
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Lost Love by Quiet Guy
Love Poem Poetry Contest contest entry

I've never met you before
yet I feel you in my dreams

I don't know what you look like
yet I could never mistake your energy

Our souls are bound by fate
Or at least so it seems

No matter how far apart
We are connected by unseen strings

As we grow close in heart
they will be sewn into seams

Two people
One sense of being

I can't wait to hear your stories
Perhaps you wouldn't have to speak

We can look into each other's eyes
We can sit in silence and read

I'm so impatient to discover you
I suppose in time we'll meet

Until then this hole inside will bleed

My lost love that I've yet to see
I'll find you or maybe you will find me

- Quiet Guy


Author Notes
****Custom drawing is by an artist friend of mine, Crystal Saucedo. Something interesting about this is that I asked her to read my poem and use her artist mind to draw whatever she felt would fit. I love it!!! ****


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