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Small birds searching for food.
The Sparrow. by John bailey

I sat at the dining room table this morning,
and watched the rain come down.
Out on the berm, there are some
tall thin single blades of grass,
a group of sparrows flew in to find some food.
They were flipping around the pine straw
under the pines outback.
Then one by one they would sit
on these small stems of grass,
and ride it down to the ground, for
just one or two seeds that were left.
By the time I got my camera, they had flown away.
I really wanted to get a photo of this.
Then it started to pour rain.
They got out just in time, only if we knew the weather.
What a gift that God gave to watch these small birds
work together to get the seeds.
On a cold and rainy day
God opened my eye to the sunshine,
with these small birds, the blessings we receive
in small ways.
God has his eye on the sparrow.
Being out with nature is what I like, I get as close as I can.
"Only if we would put our eye on God.
just a thought"

Author Notes
This is where I sit in the morning to have my coffee, do some reading, and some writing.
I love to be with nature, I want to be outside so I get as close as I can.


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