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A Book of short Fairytales and Fables.
Shed New Tears Fairytales and Fable
: Shed NewTears Fairytales@Fables by Ricky1024

"The Prologue"
"This will be my fourth children's book dealing with fairytales and the
"Shed a Tear Series"
"Shed New Tears Fairytales and Fables"
I will utilize my Many, Many, Gifts from Above.
And, in doing so, move forward into presenting a Beautiful chaptered book.
Yes, a series of Fairytales that will hold a special place in your Heart.
This will be my fourth book and my last book in the series by Xilibris.
The first three will be packaged together as Star Wars Trilogy retailing for $29.95 in the fall.
The Last Book available separately.

"Northstar Meets Mistletoe"
(A Christmas Story)
Written on February 25th, 2021
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Copyright ?© Fanstory 2021
'All rights Reserved'
Once Upon when the Time...
Which was long, long, ago.
And, the Earth had still not been created.
There was a Star.
Yes, a Single but lonely star from the north called, "Northstar"
North Star was so far from the Sun.
Yes so very, very, very, far from the Sun!
And, this is at the point where we must now have begun?
'And, as I now must welcome back all ye!'
'Yes, whom read stories to children!'
'And, all ye Fan Story reviewers!'
'And, all ye new moms and pops and grands and grannies whom shall help Shed.'
'Yes, this the "Shed a Tears Series"

'Oh, I forgot my narrator?'
'And, you may now take over my dear.'
'Thanks Ricky.'
'My name?'
'My name is Annie.
'Annie Oakley!'
"The Greatest Female Sharpshooter"
'West of this Dem, Der, Mississippi.'
'And, I am here to narrate for you.'
'So, that you can enjoy the Gift that Rick and I shall present.'
'And, be sure to stay here to the very, very, End.'
'Because then we both shall do...
'Both shall learn from...
"The Lesson of the Day"
'Thank you as always Annie.'
'And, I enjoyed your stating and starting the Prologue.'
'And, ever forward we shall move to that cold place.:
'Yes, now together!:
'And, we shall learn together.'
For Once Upon a Time...
Yes, it was more than just a Cold, Cold, place...
With a Cold, Cold, North Star?
Because, soon it will be Christmas Day!
And, besides the stockings hung over the fireplace with care?
Yes, all now in a row?
But you see something is now missing don't you know?
Because there shall never be?
Now the Mistletoe?
'Hey Mistletoe?'
'Did I say you could be part of this Doctor Ricky's Fairytale?'
'Well, you're not the writer of this North Star!'
'And, like always.'
'I can see you still have not learned how to warm up!'
Note: The Bickering will go back and forth continuously, as it has done for many, many, eons!
'So, how come you're here again Mistletoe?'
Asks North Star.
'Well to Be or not to Be?'
'Well, that is not the question!'
Replies Mistletoe.
'Well, don't you have some place you need to be Northstar?'
Asks Mistletoe.
'No Mistletoe because nobody wants me?'
'True'you see?'
'Yes, Once Upon a Time I was created.'
'I am the Most and Brightest star in the Milky Way Galaxy.'
'To guide all the planets and stars on their way.'
'But when it comes to getting along with me?'
'Gathering, as guiding with the many other Planets and Stars?'
'I'm Dull and Dim?'
Cries North Star.
'Well, Northstar that's a Sin.'
'I must say.'
'And, I guess that is why you got thrown out of your Galaxy that sad, sad, day?'
Wonders Mistletoe.
'Yes Miss Mistletoe.'
'I come back only occasionally.'
'To try and bring back the memories from the past.'
'But even, they never seem to last?'
Replies North Star.
(again in tears)
Suddenly, Crying.
North Star starts to drift away?
'Wait, Wait, Wait.'
'Please don't go?'
Begs Mistletoe.
'I know we never seem to get along and just argue but perhaps?'
'I do believe there is a North Star!'
'And, it is you!'
'And, I believe that you are Special!'
(Such as God!)
Argues Mistletoe.
As Northstar slowly comes back...
He realizes something he's never seen before?
That Mistletoe truly is so Beautiful!
And, on that day?
On that Christmas Day?
With just one Single Kiss?
And, One Single Shed of Tear?
That even a Cold, Cold, Northstar could not resist!
The tradition of when you stand under a Mistletoe?
Even if it isn't Christmas Day?
With just one Single Kiss?
All your coldness will go away!
The End.
Wow Ricky!'
'Yes, that was so incredible!'
'Yes, and so beautiful!
'Yes, and I am in so many tears!'
'Yes, as you so always do!'
'With each and every one of these Beautiful Fairytales.'
'So, now this time for the lesson of the day!'
'Can I see a show of hands who would like to reply?'
'Oh I see somebody new here?'
'And, what is your name my dear?'
'My name is Mary Kay Bonfante Annie.'
'Okay Mary Kay it is nice to meet you and let's get the lesson on the way!'
States Annie
'Well, as I see it and I did read each and every word twice!'
'That this Masterpiece that Ricky has created for us all to enjoy.'
'Yes, is more than just Sugar and Spice!'
'And, it gives togetherness a new meeting!'
'And, a "Gift of Togetherness?"
'A New and Clear meaning!'
'That even two Entities in a place of imagination.'
'That for Many, Many, Eons!'
'Can learn to Love and get along together.'
'Yes again as one!'
'For, Together we Stand...
'And, Separated we shall Fall!'
'If we all could just realize this and think this Way?'
'There would not be any Covid -19 Crisis.'
'Yes, that we're currently being suffocated with.'
'And, I say these words in the name of Jesus Christ.'
'Thanks for that Beautiful reply Mary Kay.'
'And, thank you all again.'
'Yes, for joining us here!'
'At Doctor Ricky's Newest Fairytales book entitled,
"Shed New Tears Fairytales and Fables."
Approximate Word Count:1107.

Author Notes
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Talented Artist and Amazing Writer, 'Doctor Ricky 1024'
And, his Incredible Picture Entitled,
"Just Me"


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