- Jack Frost Adieuby JLR
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Potltach Poetry Challenge: The Quatern
Jack Frost Adieu by JLR

I soon bid Jack Frost a warm adieu
as hints of bright sunshine come through
but hear me out, my sweet goodbye
is not sincere, truth told, say I.

The bare tree limbs, no life to view,
I soon bid Jack Frost sweet adieu.
Dark days, cold nights do make me cry.
So, Yes! Begone, so long, I sigh!

Sure, snow did fall. Hard winds blew by.
Some icicles dripped from eaves up high.
I soon bid Jack Frost sweet adieu!
Now my days give me more to do.

Invite these warm days' hoped debut,
as flora climbs slow, into view.
As birds on wing, built nest anew,
I soon bid Jack Frost sweet adieu.


Author Notes
*The Quatern consists of four quatrains (4-line stanzas),
* 8 syllables in each line.
*The first line of stanza 1 is repeated as a refrain line as the second line of stanza 2, the third line of stanza 3 and the last line of stanza 4. *There is no set meter or rhyme scheme.

My rhyme scheme is: Aabb, aAbb, bbAa, bbaA


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