- Driving Miss Vivianby Mary Vigasin
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Her new car and Vivian on full display
Driving Miss Vivian by Mary Vigasin
Flash Fiction contest entry

She sat in the back of her new 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan so that both she and the car would be on full display. Vivian in a flowered hat waved with a handkerchief to anyone who passed by.

Eddie was, as she put it, her "chaufa."

Her imperial standing on display, however, did not extend to the interior of the car.
Next to her seat was a cooler with beer, and Eddie was not a polished professional chauffeur.

He was tall and skinny with matted black hair. A long thin face made his buck teeth more prominent. In his frequent laugh, he would suck in air and then exhale. The sound of Eddie's laugh was more donkey than human.

Advertised on his shirt was the telephone number of Ned's Feed and Grain store, and in bold letters under dancing pigs "Have them fed by Ned."


Author Notes
I introduced Vivian in earlier writings as a real person. I wrote this fictional tale to show her flamboyant character. Eddie too was a real person who was her next door neighbor and befriended her. He would do beer runs for her to the liquor store.


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