- Whale Tails Versus Whale Talesby Dick Waters
This work has reached the exceptional level
This was written for a boy who has a Whale stuffed animal
Whale Tails Versus Whale Tales by Dick Waters

This is a story of a Whale.
You might call it a Whale tale.
Others, might call it a tale of a Whale.
Who’s right?
Whale tails are long.
This Whale tale is not.
Whale tails come out of the water.
This Whale tale does not.
Remember reading the story of Moby Dick?
This is not that story!
Whales can be found in Alaska.
Whales can also be found in Hawaii.
The same Whale might be seen in both places.
That’s because some make the journey each year.
Whales are enormous, and
Whales don’t wait for anybody.
My Whale is not enormous, and
Mine waits for me every day!
I’m sure Whales have friends.
There’s nothing like friends.
You can tell them secrets, and
Good friends keep those secrets!
If you want a longer tail,
You’ll have to watch for a Whale.
I told you this was a short tale.
Maybe your Whale will like it too?

Author Notes
This is also written for all the children who have a whale for a friend.
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