- Healing Spirit'sby QC Poet
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Chochee's Cinquain Poetry (1)
Healing Spirit's by QC Poet
Cinquain Poetry contest entry

Wild Child,
Spirit's challenged,

Aging broken body,
Strong Faith, Hope and Resolve while still,


Author Notes
Healing Spirit's

Cinquain Poetry (1)

I thought the title would capture the essence of this Cinquain's meaning intent of the included Collages.

A future (meaning clarification) with more details of this Cinquain Entry will be explained in a Future Chapter of "The Two of Me".
At the end of this August, I will be 60 years old. Done many Good and Bad Things in my Youth up through 6/2014, when Illness from "Living Wild" caught up to me. I've now spent 7 years (as of 2021) trying to make Atonements. I was Disabled after a 35+ year working in Aircraft and Aerospace Fabrication and Management positions + 5 years of teen family related business work while Partying for 40 years. My irony is the amount of pharmaceutical medication I now need to continue deteriorating as I'm making amends.

Write and Share are Cinquain poem is a five line poem that follows a specific format, this poem is usually unrhymed short poem. But, you can use a rhyme scheme if desired. It can be writen about any subject. You decide the rhyme scheme (if any) and the subject matter. Submitted poems must follow the Syllable count rules.

Line 1 =2 syllables, line 2 =4 syllables, line 3 = 6 syllables, line 4 = 8 syllables, line 5 = 2 syllables.


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