- A new beginningby John bailey
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Starting over
A new beginning by John bailey

I sit here now at the dining room table,
looking out back at a cool cloudy day
here in Carolina.
Trapped in my own destiny,
trapped in my own world
nobody else is here.
I let nobody in this is my
I alone must see it through.
My pen is my only friend,
it holds my thoughts and
my dreams of tomorrow.
It gently rest between my fingers
and pushes me to write.
My mind offers up the past
continually even though
I try to push it down.
My pen puts it on paper,
the love that I have known,
and lost over the years.
It's like the song,
to all the girls I have loved before.
Even though my path is not
it's the daily tasks that keep
me moving forward.
Soon there will be another
to occupy my time,
and clear my head,
the past will soon become
a memory,
tomorrow the excitement of
a new love,as things go now
it is clear.
I can smell it and taste it on
my tongue.
That rainbow is out there
just waiting on the sun.

"Working on a heartache
to solve a mystery"

Author Notes
A short story of the twist and turns of life,
this thing called love.


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