- Best Friendsby Patty Palmer
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A Myrtle and Mildred Adventure.
Best Friends by Patty Palmer
Humorous Rhyming Poem contest entry

Myrtle and Millie are best friends.
Since they met in first grade.
Sticking together through thick and thin
Nothing could make them afraid.

No one ever dared cross them
Intimidating classmates truly.
Ruling the playground at recess
Each was known as a bully.

They'd no time for cheerleading.
Nor interest in playing a sport.
They spent their time in trouble
Making teachers feel out of sort.

Now seventy years later
Myrtle and Millie, still best of friends.
Wearing orthopedic running shoes
And double strength Depends.

One walks with a souped-up walker.
The other leans on her trusty cane.
Indoors always carrying umbrellas
One never knows when it might rain.

They're both hard-headed ladies
With strong opinions of their own.
No one dare try to change them
They're the terror of the nursing home.

Raiding the cafeteria fridge
In the middle of the night.
Making ghostly noises
Giving residents a fright.

Playing tricks on others.
Hide and seek with residents' things.
Sad for Mrs. O'Malley when
They tried selling her wedding rings.

Harold can't find his hearing aids.
Bella lost decorations for her wreath.
John found his walker in the ladies room
And poor Eli still can't find his teeth.

They're a riot at senior aerobics
To the music they bend, bump, and grind
Decked out in their exercise outfits
Pink and blue never stretched far behind!

Orange and green sweatbands
Hair in tangles and wispy gray curls
Their sports bras have great trouble
Keeping sturdy control of the "girls."

They keep everyone in a tizzy
Just to keep one step ahead.
The only time there's any peace
Is when they're asleep in their beds.

They may be a devilish duo
Keeping everyone on their toes.
But they'll be deeply missed
When time comes for them to go.


Author Notes
Myrtle and Mildred are two characters that I've developed over the past year. Two little old ladies who find trouble where ever they go. You can read the adventures of Myrtle and Mildred on my portfolio.


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