- Even So Come, Lord Jesusby GE Parson
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A poem about the rapture of Believer's in Christ
Even So Come, Lord Jesus by GE Parson

Any day's a good day for the rapture,
Any day's a good day for the Lord's return.
Any day's a good day to leave this world behind,
So come quickly Lord Jesus, any time.

I'm weary of this ol world's troubles,
I've no interest in this world below
So any day's a good day for the rapture,
I'm wait'n and anxious to go.

I'm just a pilgrim and a stranger,
In this ol world of sin and woe,
So any day's a good day for the rapture,
I'm saved and ready to go.

Every day I live for the rapture,
Every day look'n for Christ's return,
Any day's a good day for the rapture.
Any day as far as I'm concerned.

Now if today was your last day of liv'n,
In this ol world below,
If Jesus came in the clouds today,
Would you be ready to go?
- G. E. Parson

Author Notes
Rapture defined: Jesus last promice before He returned to Heaven, was "Behold I come quickly." Else where in the Bible is the explanation of His return in the clouds to snatch up from out the graves all believers, followed by all who are yet alive to be snatched up from planet earth, and in a split moment take us all to heaven. All the rest of humanity left behind will suffer
under the dictorial power of the anti-christ for seven years, after which Jesus will rapture them up to be judged for their unbelief and evil deeds of life and cast into the Lake of Fire to suffer in anguish forever.

How can you escape this? Real simple. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou [you] shalt be saved" John 3:16


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