- The Sperm Donor, Susan's Storyby Terry Broxson
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Part IV, The conclusion.
The Sperm Donor, Susan's Story by Terry Broxson
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Sam Kenyon considered what Chet Skiles, the lead investigator for the Kenyon Law Firm, just told him concerning his former girlfriend. Susan is married to her long-time same-sex partner. Added to this news, Susan's son is a perfect DNA match to Sam.

Sam looked at Betty, his long-time secretary, and said, "I never felt that Gloria and I missed anything not having kids. Since she died a couple of years ago, I admit I do wonder what it would have been like."

"Sam, do you think being a sperm donor when you were in law school qualifies you to be a dad?"

"No, of course not. But it's interesting."  


Against all odds, Sam's investigator had found three women had used his sperm donation. All three were former girlfriends. Sam wanted to know if any of the women had conceived and delivered his child. 

Sam's goal with this inquiry began pretty simply. With no heirs and lots of money, he wanted to know if he could help any biological offspring.

Sam concocted a story about a wealthy client sperm donor. Leslie's family, the first woman he contacted, received twelve million dollars. The family did not know the actual donor and benefactor.

The second woman, Linda, had died many years ago. A son of Linda's also died. He could have been Sam's son. But there was nothing he could do.

And then Sam received the news about Susan. 


"Chet, it's hard for me to believe Susan is gay, such a beautiful girl."

"She's a beautiful woman at seventy-two. I have a picture. Take a look."

"You're right. Where does she live?"

"She never left Austin. Her wife, Gail, has been the owner and operator of a music studio for many years. They make a lot of alternative music. It is a big scene there. The studio has done well. Susan sold cars for a new car dealership before becoming a retail garden center manager. She's retired now."

"What about the son?"

"There is no question he is your son. But I think you need to talk to her to determine if there is anything you can do for them. There are a lot of nuances to the story. Nuances are best heard and analyzed by the Super Lawyer, not the investigator."

"Okay, good work. Give the contact information to Betty, and I'll make arrangements to see her."


Sam lived in a high-end home in Highland Park, just north of downtown Dallas. But he also owned a condo in downtown Austin, the state capital of Texas. He did a lot of business in Austin, particularly when the state legislators were in session.

For his meeting with Susan, he chose the Austin Country Club. He invited her for lunch. Sam thought she was surprised to hear from him, but she graciously said yes. The club was elegant, and their lunch would be private.


"Sam, you old devil, would you have recognized me on the street if I walked by?"

"Susan, you know I always have an eye for a pretty girl, so yes, I would." 

"You know I had an eye for the pretty girls, too; that is why I left you so long ago."

A speechless Sam recovered. "I do know you bat for the other team. Our side's loss is your side's win."

"Sam, that is an old cliche. I expected more from a Super Lawyer like you."

Sam's face reddens from embarrassment.  "Truth be told, I am sort of speechless."

"I'm glad to know you have a good attitude about it. The gay community owes you a big thank you for that Supreme Court victory. I'm very proud of you. I told everyone I knew, once upon a time, I was your girlfriend."

"Did they believe you?'

"Oh, hell no!"

"Susan, it's good to see you."

"Sam, why am I here?"

"It is a short story but a little hard to believe. I have a wealthy old client who, many years ago, provided sperm to a sperm bank. It appears you received one of his donations; as a result, you have a son."

"Sam, Gail, and I do have a son. He is a wonderful man and has been a joy in our lives. But you're so full of crappyola. You don't have a wealthy client. You are the donor."

"Susan, what makes you think that?"

"Because forty-plus years ago, I chose you as the donor. When you told me you wanted to be a sperm donor, I was the one who told you where to go."

"I don't remember that."

"Of course not; why would you? Gail's mother was the doctor who owned the clinic and sperm bank. Gail's sister, Jane, owns the clinic now."

"Wait, you knew Gail when we were together?" 

"Sad but true, Gail won my heart. You had to go."

"Umm, what about the son?"

"He's a good-looking heterosexual just like you. When Gail and I decided we wanted a child, I agreed to be the birth mother. We talked about the traits we wanted in our sperm donor. I knew I was describing you."

"Gail must have found that a little awkward."

"She was pretty cool. She loved me and knew I loved her. So, we went to her mother and told her we wanted you as our donor. Easy peasy, you came through on the first try." 

"Dang, I should have been there!"

"We had all of you we required."

"Alright, you win. But what about your son? Maybe...maybe I could meet him."

"That's not necessary."

"Okay, but can I ask why?"

"You already know him; he works for you, Chet Skiles. Skiles is Gail's last name."

"Chet is my son?" 

"Yep. When he called and told us what you wanted him to investigate, we told him no problem, talk to your Aunt Jane. She will get everything you need from the clinic records. No mess. No fuss."

"How long has he known I was his father?"

"As long as he can remember. We told Chet from the get-go that you had done a good deed in helping to bring him into the world. We told him your job was finished. Gail and my job, as his parents, would last a lifetime. We did keep up with you and marveled that you became a Super Lawyer."

"Why didn't he say anything when he came to work for me? "

"When Chet told us fifteen years ago that he wanted to work for you, we were delighted but reminded him we all needed to respect your privacy as the sperm donor."




Author Notes
This four-part story is my first attempt at fiction longer than a couple of hundred words. I was inspired to try this after my interviews with Humpwhistle, Giraffmang , Ric Myworld, and a previous interview with Jay Squires. These four men are excellent fiction writers.

This is what I learned. Get a germ of an idea. Put it in a setting, let the characters develop the story, and get a twist at the end.

The germ of the idea came from an old Frazier sitcom rerun. Niles had been a sperm donor and wondered what happened. He went to the clinic and, of course, was told everything is confidential. Finally, he was told it had not been used; it was deemed substandard.

My idea started to grow. What if it had worked? What if some guy's old girlfriends got it without knowing? Who is that guy? That is how Sam was born.

My thanks to the guys for checking in on the story and giving some advice as I went along. I have tried to incorporate their input with changes in the past stories and the next one when possible.

The last point that many readers have observed. I don't like stories that have installments that start each new chapter with a summary of previous events. I recognize the need to do that for a new reader and jog the memory of past readers.

What I tried to do was give the recap while adding some slight new information about the main character. My thinking was that I revealed more about the character as the story went along, providing recap information and moving the story at the same time.

Thank you for reading and your feedback. I plan to edit the four parts down to one story. Terry.


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