- Third Wishby Bill Schott
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a hundred word story
Third Wish by Bill Schott
100 Word Dash writing prompt entry

Emma could not believe how badly her wishes had turned out. Once the genie informed her of her good fortune in digging up the enchanted lamp, freeing him, and of three wishes, she immediately demanded to control the universe.
Once that was granted, she found such power was more than was manageable. Intergalactic conflicts arose, resulting in the destruction of entire parsecs.
Her second wish was to reverse her decisions as universal ruler, but the result was the complete shutdown of all galactic activities. The universe was totally dark.
Using her final wish, she commanded, "Let there be light!" 

Writing Prompt
Can you tell a complete story with just 100 words? If so this is your opportunity to shine. The topic is open. Write about anything.

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