- Working Mount Olympusby Caeric il produttore
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For my friends and brothers at Bricco
Working Mount Olympus by Caeric il produttore

It started many months ago, when I first signed on,
This culinary Holy land housed a pantheon!
While not quite gods, each one possessed certain nobility.
Yet each took on a Greek Lord form as they worked with me...

Noble Zeus, he was my head chef, the leader of our crew
And Artemis she runs Expo and pushes orders through...
Aphrodite, ah sweet Venus seen in many waitress' face
And sweet seasonal Demeter takes your reservation space.

Apollo flits from front to back, bringing pots and pans;
While we who work the line quickly follow Jupiter's commands.
Hephaestus comes from time to time, keeping machines up to date.
Noble Hera runs our office space to make sure pay's not late.

Poseidon keeps the water flowing, while Cronus watches all,
Now Athena's helping Artemis as the orders fill the wall.
The pop has come it's time to rush, let's get those orders out!
Shouts the Sous Chef Ares as he waves his tongs about.

Hermes steals our time away, though he's never really seen...
While Apollo keeps on scrubbing to keep the dishes clean.
And I am Dionysus, it's too much fun for me...
Working with these immortal chefs just makes me drunk with glee!

And as I look over my fellow staff, Pasta, Pizza, Grill;
I see that we've also got Prometheus delivering fire still.
And in it they cook salmon or pizza by their flames.
I work with a Greek pantheon and I'll never be the same.


Author Notes
Cronus - Father of the Gods - BG
Zeus - Leader of the Gods - Chef Corey
Hera - Zeus' sister - Boots, Nicole, all you office Ladies!
Artemis - The Huntress - Katy
Athena - Goddess of Wisdom - Alex (who is also an Aphrodite :P)
Aphrodite - Taylor, Wendy, Smiley, Crazy (just to name a few) but you all are beautiful Ladies!
Apollo - God of the Sun - Dishwashers (cuz without any dishes we'll never see daylight)
Ares - God of War - Juan, KC you take us into battle when Zeus ain't rockin' it out
Prometheus - Bringer of Fire - Ben, Diamond Dave - Rock that wood burning oven!

Thanks for being a part of my growth as a chef, all of you. I consider you all my Culinary Family.


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