- Loud and Proudby Dr. Nad
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Ya Gotta make a little NOISE sometimes!
Loud and Proud by Dr. Nad
Bio writing prompt entry

The start of my life was insignificant.
There’s really not much I can tell.
My young childhood was nondescript,
except for the times I was whipped
and that’s when I learned how to yell.
At the age of 19 I got married, oops.
By 21, she had walked out.
I thought my life was then over,
no one would want me but Rover.
I was wrong, “Thank God!” I would shout.
In young adulthood, our two children came, YEA!
One boy and one girl, just my choice.
I thought it would be quite easy,
a little like lemon squeezy.
Perfection would come with raised voice!
Adolescence, I thought would be the tough part.
The rest would be peaches and cream.
But with teenagers in the house,
that is when I needed my spouse,
to remind me I need not scream.
God has been with me through each stage of my life.
In spite of my failures, I’m proud.
My oh my how those years have flown,
my kids now have kids of their own.
They say “Quiet Gramps, you’re too loud!

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type about your life, personality traits, and ambitions.


Author Notes
This is entered in the Bio writing Contest.
Stanza syllable count: 11, 8,8,8,8
Rhyming Count: ABCCB

Now when my Grand kids say I am too loud, I am speaking louder to hear myself due to my hearing Loss.


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