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But Officer by pome lover
Back Seat Driver writing prompt entry


"You missed a turn, now we'll be late;
This happens all the time!
I wish you'd use the GPS,
You know, it's not a crime

That you don't know the way to go;
You think you're a bloodhound?
You do? Well here's one thing I know:
You've got to turn around.

Well, Mr. Bloodhound, that was smart,
That siren is a cop.
Oh, yes, it is, he's coming up
Beside us. WILL YOU STOP!

Hi, officer, I'm sorry, we
Just...yes, I know I'm not.
I know I'm not the driver
Yes, sir, But you see, I've got...

No, I do not want a ticket!
Hey, just why do I deserve
To get a...all right, give it here.
Yes sir." Of all the nerve!

Writing Prompt
The topic for this writing contest is: Back Seat Driver

Author Notes
this scenario is not factual - I have never done this. Ever.


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