- Bearing Upby Cass Carlton
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All hail the power of Teddy
Bearing Up by Cass Carlton
Uplifting Poetry! writing prompt entry

My favorite friend is a hug of a bear
Found him at Goodwill in need of repair
He sat very still as I made him all ready,
And gave a soft growl when I hugged my teddy

Now he sits in a chair by the door
With (just for good measure) two or three more
There's Septimus and Ben and the little one's Freddy
They take it in turns when I hug my teddy

Now if life seems all grey and glum
Find yourself a nice, furry chum
Just hang in there and keep on steady
And don't forget to hug your teddy

Be brave, be strong be good my friend
For surely will your troubles end
But if it's hard and you aren't ready
When all else fails , then hug your teddy.

Writing Prompt
Can you write a poem that cheers lonely hearts, soothes tired brains, inspires the soul. Any style, any length.


Author Notes
One day when I was feeling very , very sad, I happened to pick up a teddy bear belonging to a child I was looking after and felt an immediate sense of comfort.On the way home that same day I found my beloved Prosper with one foot sticking out of a bin at the local Goodwill store. He needed extensive repairs, but they were soon done and he's been with me ever since. All hail the power of Teddy.


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