- Truly The Last Boy Scoutby BeasPeas
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A Rime Couee poem ~ remembering my dad
Family Matters ~ Poetry & Prose
: Truly The Last Boy Scout by BeasPeas
'Family Matters' ~ #16-450-B

Here truly stands the last boy scout
with ready cheer, he didn't pout.
In uniform was clad.

Mischief he loved, this wiry sprout,
his inner mettle made him stout,
though he was but a lad.

Soft spoken, firm, he didn't shout,
this good boy turned good man, no doubts.
His honor made me glad.

Here truly stands the last boy scout,
a proud, courageous man to tout,
for Billy was my dad.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ March 21, 2017
'Family Matters'



Author Notes
Today was my dad's birthday. He was a brave, honorable man and I miss him.

The Rime Couee is a 12th century French rhyme form often used by troubadours. It's written in rhyming couplets with a third line where every one throughout rhymes. I've read various poems in this form which seem to differ in third line consistency, but I chose to write mine where all four last lines rhyme. Thank you Dorothy Fennell for encouragement to try to write one. Thank you for reading my poetry.

Syllables: 8-8-6 throughout.

Image: 'Camping At The Beach' - Billy, my dad, truly the last boy scout (circa 1920's).


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