- Sharing a visionby Darkhorse555
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lets face it head on facts
Sharing a vision by Darkhorse555

Let us step up unto the plate
justice of all lands reek an instrument against truth at times
Democracy no longer exists as a true calling lets dress it how it is
One den of vipers robbing hard earned riches from the poor their taxes
shame getting away with everything crooked deeds exposed raw nerve
shoved under the carpet so many have their hands completely dirty
without respect overturning liberal without God cardinal sins stone cold
picking up the crumbs in dealing with double standards playing with sanity
Good now becomes a silent act in fact silenced from having it's own voice

Sweet talking arrogance when I see the scales tipping
murdering peaceful actions taking away the right
for us to choose direction an informed direction

Force is used trying to silence family views on rearing children correctly
Education has become the tainted actions against innocence's source
removing certain acts of faith from its doctrine morally wrong
Some virtues of so called wisdom needs to be examined for value
because in today's world the sad reality
devalued is the word life
foundations of war and bitterness hiding sins


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