- By Siding Spring - the beginningby CD Richards
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: By Siding Spring - the beginning by CD Richards

Twenty miles from a ramshackle town long ago forsaken by both God and men, there was a road, the dust of which vehicles no longer disturbed. Beside that road, in a timber shack even self-respecting rats avoided, David Upton pondered how a day which started out so promising could turn so rapidly to crap. "Bioluminescent fungi" was one explanation for the mysterious lights that appeared to stalk hapless visitors in remote locations. "Atmospheric refraction of vehicle headlights" was another. If only the truth were that simple — or that benign. David hoisted his well-worn knapsack onto the table and removed the tattered spiral binder which was his journal. Rummaging inside, he located the Parker ballpoint his girlfriend had given him for his birthday, and, by the dancing flame of a Hurricane lamp, began to write what he hoped would not be his last entry.

Author Notes
From the exercise prompt:

A good opening line or paragraph can make or break a piece. It needs to be engaging, attention grabbing and concise. Craft an opening paragraph which grips your reader in 150 words.


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