- Now, Wadya say?by Susanjohn
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Worst pome ever challenge.
Now, Wadya say? by Susanjohn
The Worst Pome EVER! contest entry

Roses are red,
and i think i love you,

tomorrow, let's wed...
down on the avenue.

 (little white chapel only $49)

Violets are blew,
dont ya forget the beer!
(Bud light)
I'll try real hard to stay true...
(Just not on a leap year)

Sunflowers are yelow,
i here you maka beef stew

( i'm a hungry boy)
I'm yous special fellow...
Dontcha mind slurps as i chew.

oh just like that stringy hair,
daisys move in te breeze,
Hey babe, the one on your chin?
Ya mighta wanna tweeze.

A garden of deligt,
 ya must now abide 
( that means ya gotta be listening to me)
member now - I always be right..
You'd sure hate to be sittin curbside.

The birds will sing,
on are "gettting hitched" day,
Ill slip you a ring...
(them fake ones look all real)
a real nice one - you just pay.

Now, wadya say?
my little chick a dee,
you so lucky you found me...
happyness is 100% garenteed!
(expires in 1 year)

Author Notes
Hahaha what a challenge!


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