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Virgos are?
I am a Virgo by Cass Carlton
The Zodiac Side Of You writing prompt entry

As a Virgo, September born,
I love the Spring in all its life
'though Autumn calls to my innermost soul
As in ages forgotten
When my ancestors walked on Celtic roads.

As a Virgo, Maiden led,
My mind is filled with chivalry
And deeds of bravery
Done for my approval
And for the gauge worn over his heart.

As a Virgo industrious
My days are filled with busy-ness
Yet sometimes I day dream
And yearn for the unknown
That will complete my soul.

As a Virgo perceptive
I analyze, weigh and consider
All the facts before deciding
Where to place my choosing
Or to not place it at all .

As a Virgo self controlled
When others lose their composure
I am still and cold like ice
No-one sees the cauldron
Boiling beneath the surface.

As a Virgo I am a Raven,
A Sapphire, a flower, a day
The things of the Earth
That are Virgo's own
Are me and I am a Virgo.

Writing Prompt
Write a free verse poem that does not follow any structure or style about your zodiac/horoscope sign.



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