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A Ditty: Every Night She Keeps Watch for Her Captain
Her Lover is Lost to Her At Sea by Artasylum
Free Verse writing prompt entry

One more full moon ... betrayed again
The sky’s clear and seas are smooth
Losing hope – it’s been too long

Dreams are unrequited

Solstice comes and Solstice goes
Another trip ‘round the sun
A small voice whispers … he’s gone

Her heart sinks

With every ounce of her being
Trying to see his smile but
the memory of his face is lost

His Essence Evaporates

Nailing drapery over her reality 
She no longer believes he’ll return
Turning, she walks away, never looking back

Writing Prompt
Please write a free verse poem. Any topic. No rhyming patterns.


Author Notes
The Captain chooses the sea...
For everyone who's experienced unrequited love being left behind


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