- I'm having a real bad dayby jenintorre
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Things can't get much worse
I'm having a real bad day by jenintorre
Repetition writing prompt entry

I'm having a real bad day
everything's gone wrong.
Never should have got up
Should have stayed in bed all day long.

I'm having a real bad day.
A tax bill came in the mail.
Seems I've gotta pay right away
or I could end up in jail.

I'm having a real bad day,
cleaned the car till it shone
but then I tried to start it up
but the damn thing wouldn't switch on.

I'm having a real bad day
there's builders in next door
making a hell of a racket
I just can't take any more.

I'm having a real bad day
Forgot to put out the cat.
Came downstairs to a terrible smell.
He'd pooped all over the mat.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type. It must have at least three stanzas. And one line in the poem must repeat in every stanza.



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