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Touch by Ricky1024
Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry

(Part Number One)
Written on September 20th, 2018
(A Free Verse Contest Entree)
"Creation!" (A)
Within the Spector of the Realm of God...
I now present to you...
"To reach out, to feel, to be in touch, to stay in touch."
In order to be able to "Touch" you first need to be in touch with oneself."
(Theology 40.87)
Beyond the Reach of Earthly Time.
Never to be reached by...
"The Science of Modern Man."
Many times Removed...
But not by Physical or Mental Abuse.
Exists a Sacred Place of Grace...
We know today as Heaven.
And, in Heaven exists a set of 'Triplets.'
A Set of three...
Three Triplets which are each Individual but simultaneously in touch?
Yes, Three separate beings...
All reaching?
And, they were known as 'Gad,' 'Lan,' and 'Hal.'
They reside in a 'Timeless State of Existance' observing and recording all events of Present, Past, and the 'Ultimate Future.'
They each share separate Roles from Warrior, to Protector and Peacemaker, to *Self Sacrifice and Unconditional Love.
*Example: Donating Life.
The 'Triplets' wanted nothing, nor needed anything?
Possessing and Understanding a Unique care of and for all?
We know them as 'The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.'
They started by creating a Special and Blessed Place known as Heaven or The Celestial Kingdom.
They then started by creating Special Beings that we call today 'Angels.'
Some were Warriors and Protectors.
Arch Angels.
Guardian Angels.
(Micheal and Gabriel)
Others were Care Givers and Messangers such as 'Faith, Hope, and Charity.'
Serving and Protecting from above to all those in need below...

Now, at exactly the right Time and the Right Place...
When the Planets were aligned...
Never again to be acknowledged...
And, never again to be seen...
The Triplets created our Planet of Birth!
Which we call today, 'Earth.'
They then started by first, creating, 'The Light.'
Followed with 'The Dark.'
Which separated Time...
(Night and Day)
They then rested on 'The Seventh Day.'
And, realized that...
'This was Good.'
Now this 'Illuminated but Empty Orb' needed substance?
So, the Triplets created first, The Sea and then the Land!
They dropped Trillions of Gallons of Saltine Waters which we call...
'The Oceans and the Seas!'
This fell upon The Land Splitting it in half and finally 'Seven Continents!'
This was known as 'Genisis!'
The Triplets then rested for many, many, eons and all the Previously created Planets, Universes, and Galaxies applauded!
This became known as, ' Ultimate Delight!'
Or, 'Big Bang Theory.'
The Triplets then showered this New Creation with Seeds!"
Then trees!"
And, this became known as'The Fullfillment Years!'
They then rested shortly...
They again added many more things!
First for the Oceans and the Seas?
'Aquatic Creatures called fish!
Then Crustaceans!
And, again?
This was good!
As it should...
And, next?
They created for the Air above, Birds and for the Lands below?
Creatures such as Reptiles!
And next?
Creatures such as the Beast!
Creatures that Crawl, Slither, and Creep!
(The Animal Kingdom)
And, Creatures that are tiny and small?
(The Insect Kingdom)
This became known as...
'The Fruitful Time of Creation!'
And, or Creation of both...
'The Animal Kingdom!'
And, 'The Insect Kingdom!'
There was no resting or no time now for 'The Triplets' had to work fast!
By creating Creatures in their Image?
So, the first Human Being they called, 'Adam!'
But Adam was alone and in 'Spiritual Form' as a 'Spirit Child.'
This became known as...
'The Creation of Man!'
Because Adam was sad and alone, 'TheTriplets' placed Adam in a deep, deep, sleep?
Because they need a woman for Adam!
And, from one of Adams Ribs...
They Created a woman named Eve!
But Eve would make demands?
Making Adam Sin?
By picking the Fruit from 'The Tree of Life!'
In 'The Garden of Eden!'
Since this was forbidden and a Sin...
The Triplets took away their 'Spiritual Bodies' and now Adam and Eve became known as 'Human' or Human and as a result?
They would eventually age and pass away.
This became known as 'The Ultimate Gift and Punishment!'
Many thousands of years hath passed and as a result?
Many children were created!
And, the Triplets or Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit were happy and rested for many years but...
They cry and wonder why?
To be Continued in the second part called...

"The Shame and Trivialities of Mankind" (B)
Written on September 21, 2018
Yes, God Created, Rested, then Created again...
And, Yes it's good but today?
Today there are so, so, many?
From the sporactic lesser States such as North and South Dakota to the more densely populated such as New York, Pennsylvania, and finally my state of New Jersey...
We cheat, bargain, steal, and rape!
Admonish and Acknowledge Sin...
And, unfortunately live for it?
As Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ are crying...
Crying for not giving Adam and His Eve a second chance?
Crying as The Sinning is now beginning?
Crying for all the unnecessary Dying?
From the Unholy Grip that Satan...
Truly doth own and Insists...
To the Unnecessary Hardships we allow him to Insist...
As He continues to Exhibit...
"The Pain!"
End of Part Number Two!
Part Number Three and the Conclusion...
"The Pain!"
Written on September 23rd, 2018
(They Cry and They Wonder Why?)

They cry together but why Father?
Why do they sin?
Have they forgotten 'The Ten Commandments' that Thee hath given to Moses?
And Sin goes way back to the early days.
"The Early Days"
And, God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathe into his nostrils...
'The Breath of Life!'
And, Man became a living being to be known as 'Adam.'
Afterwards, God created a beautiful garden...
A Place of Grace!
A place for Adam!
And, He filled this Magnificent Place with the many trees of food!
From fruits to nuts!
And, this place was to be known as a garden!
'The Garden of Eden.'
In the Garden of Eden, God warned Adam, not to touch!
'The Tree of Knowledge!'
Knowledge of Good and of Evil!
For this was to not to be pleasured!
And, tis a sin!
And, Adam if ye shalleth partake and eat from it?
You will surely die!
Genesis- 2:18.
And God formed out of the ground and the dust all the animals!
Those that Crawled and those that creeped!
And also, God formed from the ground and the dust...
All the birds in the sky!
For they were to become company to Man!
And, Adam was told to name...
Eacch and every one from 'The Mighty Lion to theTinyShrew!'
And, this he did but?
Yes, this was good but Man or Adam was still unhappy?
So God caused Adam to fall into a deep, deep sleep and afterwards?
He removed one rib and then closed the wound with flesh!
And, this became known as...
'The Creation of Woman!'
And, this was good, too!
Now, God had provide food, shelter, and company for Adam and again warned him about the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.
But the Serpant was very, very, clever and said to Eve...
Did God really say that it is forbidden?
And, surely you will die if you do eat of it?
Wouldn't God want Ye to have the knowledge?
The Knowledge of the Tree of Life?
The knowledge of Good and Evil?
Surely God would be happy!
So Eve did partake of the forbidden fruit and also offered it to Adam!
And, both were eventually punished by given bodies which and different ways first Adam was made to crawl on his belly and eat dust Andy's punishment was to be turbo and equal with turbo pain with each and every time she goes through the process of childbirth and to follow also her children for an eternity today man labors may not crawl on his belly need dust but he does have to sacrifice for his household and today we also send and break the Ten Commandments we are too prideful and want all give little in return We pollute gods Earth and are destroying God's dream 923.


Author Notes
"Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, Fan Story and Tom the Administrator, Fan Art Review, this amazing and talented Artist, 'Anne', and her incredible picture, "Hands"


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