- Adieu Adewpearlby zanya
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Remembering Brooke (adewpearl)
: Adieu Adewpearl by zanya

It is sad to read of Brooke Baldwin's, or as we knew her on Fanstory, Adewpearl's passing.

Taking my first tentative steps here on the site six years ago, I was fortunate to 'meet' Brooke.

Brooke was a writer's friend. Highlighting the positive, in even the most mundane writing attempts, Brooke had the capacity to help you believe in your own ability. Hallmark of a true teacher. Her comments kept the budding wannabee writer afloat on a perilous writing sea.

Her love of Nature and especially the humble dandelion was legendary.

Brooke, alias, Adewpearl, it was a privilege to have 'met' you. Rest in peace.

Dandelions yellow
florets sway sadly in breeze.
Brooke bids adieu.


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