- God Gives Me Everything!by Alcreator Litt Dear
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A 3 Line Poem; Please Read Author Notes
For God!
: God Gives Me Everything! by Alcreator Litt Dear
This is a 3 line spiritual, non-acrostic poem in my art and style of expression; enjoy my experience with God, this poem expresses God gives me everything that Only He knows right for mankind

Good, grand, gracious and great to write it is! Almost every day, per will of God, I get everything from Him for He knows what I need and gives me everything;

Only later, I discover what and why the thing comes from Omniscient God for I experience the discovery of the things as I find He knows my genuine, dire or absolute need, and I get it from Omnipotent God rightly at His time, for I get everything from Omnipresent God at the right place, rightly as per His Plan for me and mankind in perspectives, after He judges my needs are beyond my scope of personal wish fulfillment and He finds my needs are appropriate to the cause of contributory beneficial for mankind as from Him I would get everything;

Distinct and different, however and whatsoever, from what I prayed for, but I feel happy with Him for He gives me distinctly different things from that of my desires, wishes or aspirations for my self-fulfillment, and I soon discover He gives me everything He justifies right; He judges and gives me things different from what I pray, whisper, or pray silently and heartily to Him upon meditation, and I ever remain thankful to Him for He gives me something distinctly different, more or less than what I prayed for, for He gives me that He thinks right and appropriate for me as well mankind and not what I wish, expect, hope, ask or want through my prayers; He loves his created man, as such He gives me whatever He decides for me and mankind right, appropriate or justifiable per His wisdom and only if He finds it is common and or contributory beneficial to the cause of mankind, humanity and human race at large as He cares to give me that would worth for my living in the interest of mankind in humanity perspectives even if He gives me that very distinct and distinctly different thing…



Author Notes
Please read Author Notes for saving our precious resources and time

This is not an acrostic poem

Worth used as a verb

God is religion free

Lesser punctuation is intentional

My experience with God is complex to express

I express my experiences for your appreciation in sequences

This does not promote or canvass any particular, specific religion or religious philosophy, doctrine, book or scripture

Please avoid misinterpretation

My wise reviewers may please never relate anything of this poem to what your religious scripture, book writes or mentions about this and mingle it to or with your own known, perceived, experienced religious faith, belief, philosophy, feeling or understanding and overestimate or under estimate the words (thoughts) expressed

My wise reviewers may please do not link or try to relate this to a religious scripture or book or work you know

Please note this work has nothing to criticize or disprove any published books or religious doctrines, theories, scriptures-philosophies

Please note I do not know how many words make a sentence or a line for a poem to express experiences with God

This non-acrostic poem expresses my experience with God

Please bear with me the repetitions are necessarily expressive and significant in terms of my experience with God for your better and wider appreciation

The picture borrowed on free download from internet

Thank you for reading and thanks a lot for writing a fair review


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