- Surprise Knock on the doorby misscookie
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Surprise Knock on the door by misscookie

I heard a knock at my door
Slowly my feet touch the floor
There stood florist with a smile
I just stood still for awhile.

Oh you must be at the wrong place
He looked at me with a stern face
Lady is this your address and name
Just sign here, I have no time for games.

Opening the boxes I saw red roses
At first my mind and heart froze
A card was attached to the paper
It read this is not from a stranger

I couldn't give you flowers in life
So accept these with love my dear wife
Tears started flowing all over the place
There was his name with a funny face.

This is from a man who spoke very little
Yet had a crazy big giggle
Who hardly shown his emotions
Except when fishing He give devotions.

Yet,I know his words were true
When he said Cookie I truly Love you
A year later a knock on the door
Oh no, I all most fainted on the floor.

"Not you again. "I replied
Yes my lady, I can not lie
Another gift from a dear friend

It was from my love once more
This went on for ten years
With lovely card with words so dear
His Romantic messages I cannot share.
Then one day another knock on the door
It was the florist from the store
Miss cookie , "I sold my shop
People don't buy flowers a lot
Your husband paid for your flowers in advance
I told my wife "Wow Miss Cookie had some
kinda man

It had to be in God's plan
The last payment was today
And I sold the land.


Author Notes

These are two of the words he would always say to me that I loved the most.

As long as wild flowers bloom in the fields, I will always love you for real.
We had twenty-two years together

Cookie when you hear and fell the wind, ,t will be me whispering sweet words of love to you, and if by chance a few rain drops should falls on your lips, it is me stealing another one of your sweet kisses from your tender lips.

I would not let him buy me flowers ,which I truly love
but I became sad when they started to die,
I would get so depress all I could do was cry.


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