- The Adoptionby forestport12
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Teaching a girl that love is not just something you say.
The Adoption by forestport12
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It was a blinding snow, and the car coughed up every mountain. I begged him to turn around. "Don't go to the judge on the count of me."

My new Dad craned his neck. "I won't give up now. I love you too much not to make the adoption final."

I got all choked up, but that night was when I knew I had a Daddy who really loved me. I couldn't wait to tell the judge I wanted to be adopted.

The teacher said she read my essay to the faculty where a faucet of tears flowed that morning.

Author Notes
After the essay was written, my wife relayed the story of what happened back to me of how it captured the attention of the faculty in school where there wasn't a dry eye to be found.

After my adopted daughter grew into a young woman and started a family of her own, she gave me a copy of her hand written essay on Father's Day which I will treasure the rest of my life.


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