- The Pen I holdby Aaqib Naeem
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A wasted talent...or a person of worth?
The Pen I hold by Aaqib Naeem
Quatrain Poetry writing prompt entry

Never dreamt of being a poet;
Never aspired to be a writer
Whatever the field I walked into;
Always wanted to be a fighter!

Long have I felt this hesitation;
Deep within my doubtful heart
Perhaps I am not good enough;
To buckle up and play my part!

Stream of words flowing through me
Hidden pool of talent, rarely spent
Not fulfilled, left to rot
Will I regret its waning scent?

Borrowed from none; carrying my spark
Sequence of words only I can form
And a growing desire to leave a mark
Will they be enough to take the world by storm?

Untouched, unperturbed by lure of fame
With written words as my selling point
Though I wish for the world to remember my name
If I sell out; what's the point?

Busy chasing work that lacks intent
Or choking the voice that deserves to be heard
Rather I sit back and invent
Elixir of my essence, diligently stirred

To write endlessly of the sun
Ignoring human element; lacking intimacy
Busy praising the ever-changing moon
Such can not be my defining legacy!

Not yet past the starting hurdles
Ill-equipped for journey; yet, I stand bold
Testing the waters of the intellectual mould
Caressing, unconsciously, the pen I hold!

Writing Prompt
A quatrain is a poem that has four lines for each stanza. It usually has rhyme scheme of abab or its variant, xbyb. Click here for an example.


Author Notes
Author Notes:

This poem is based on my own story. That how I never took seriously my talent for words and wanted other things in life. Until, i got to know what a sad thing a wasted talent is! Then, when I decided to do something about it, I was only riddled with self-doubt and never ending conundrums as to how far I wish to take this. I have not figured that part out for myself yet, and still, for better or for I am!
Finally acknowledging one of my talents!

P.S. Image borrowed from Google! ;-)


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