- Ode to the Quarantineby pome lover
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checking in on friends
Ode to the Quarantine by pome lover
Ode writing prompt entry

Today, while talking on the phone,
OUTSIDE, to friends, also alone,
I had to laugh at all the ways
They’re coping, getting through the days;
Some are cleaning drawers and closets,
Others making their “deposits”
To the waiting IRS
Which isn’t helping with the stress;
Some have watched so much TV
They’re bleary-eyed, and squint at me
On “face time”, but then their morale
When they see me, au natural—
(My face and hair, I mean to say)
It makes them laugh.  I made their day.
I think we’re all enjoying not
Wearing make-up, all that rot,
And as we’ve long since been retired
Our “must go” meetings have expired.
Dentists, doctors, all are cancelled,
A rather pleasant circumstance-el;
Nowhere that we have to be…
How-some-ever, honestly,
One more month of this confinement
We’ll have lost all our “refinement.”
I’m certainly aware that I
Am very lucky and I try
To do small favors when I can
And still laugh with my fellow “man.”

Hail the quarantine that has
Kept us confined—an “Alcatraz,”
Of sorts, but then with luck, perhaps
Will keep the virus under wraps.

Writing Prompt
An Ode is a poem praising and glorifying a person, place or thing.

Author Notes
Lots of crosswords and Sudoku going on, and making the best of a stressful situation.
Someone joked about hearing of some people playing ping pong from the window of one apartment across to another. Pretty ingenious. They must have had lots of ping pong balls.


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