- As Hot As It Getsby Ronni
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when dual passions ignite
As Hot As It Gets by Ronni

They loved and loved in desires boundless trance
such molten passions deeper, deeper did ignite
meltingly melded in haunting fiery dance
no longer aware or cared, if it was day or night
while in sweepingly, searing, drizzling delight

If you've ever had or found a love or lover
of this kind of finesse, power or romantic might

You would likely have heard the echo from
their ecstatic hearts glowingly did shout

" Well, well, well, so this is at last all those
consequences of our madness others
said was impossible, would not ever last
so disbelievingly, enviously they lied!
neither dared to even try
blow their taunting flames out!


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