- Lesson Learned in Las Vegasby Amy Greta
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True-Story Fable
Lesson Learned in Las Vegas by Amy Greta
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I was in Las Vegas with my boyfriend who was out playing golf, leaving me to enjoy the hotel resort on my own. I relaxed by the pool, ordered a cocktail, and then meandered inside to explore the massive casino.

Having very little money to spend, I sat at the nickel slot machines, slowly inserting my change and feeling a tinge of joy with the occasional clinking of my winnings falling into the metal tray.

After a while, a group of men emerged from the VIP section. They were an obvious contrast to the sea of t-shirt wearing vacationers. Sporting dark suits, slicked-back hair, flashy gold rings and sunglasses, they congregated at the bar. I wanted to learn more about them, so I casually moved closer to listen to their conversation.

They were splitting up poker chips from their recent game and found they had a $100 chip left over. It was being passed around the group; each guy having a different opinion on who should get it. Before my brain could catch up to my actions, I raised my hand and loudly announced, “I’ll take it!”

The debate instantly stopped, and half a dozen pairs of sunglasses turned toward me. I almost panicked but was able to continue, “If nobody wants the chip, I could use it.”

They looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and handed it to me. I was in shock. I never told my boyfriend how I “won” that hundred dollars. There was no need to worry the guy by revealing my association with Vegas gangsters. 

And the moral of the story is, sometimes taking a gamble really pays off!



Writing Prompt
Write a short fable-like story where the last sentence starts with: "And the moral of the story is". This can be on any subject, true or fictional, and can be in any voice, as long as the moral is stated in the last line. A new twist on an old fable is also allowed. Be creative and have fun! Maximum word count: 300


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