- Old Evanoraby Gypsy Blue Rose
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5/7/5 suite for the The Hellacious Horror Club Challenge
Old Evanora by Gypsy Blue Rose

old Evanora

casts evil incantations

deep in the forest

inside the cauldron

all the ingredients brew

for her youth potion

frog, wool bat, viper,

dry holly leaves, tongue of dog,

and tender baby

his cries raised up high

over the skeleton trees

and the old witch’s hut

Author Notes
a three-line 5/7/5 poem has 5 syllables on the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line.

Challenge for The Hellacious Horror Club-- SUMMER SOLSTICE SPELLS created by: Diana L Crawford. This month's challenge topic will be related to Witches, Warlocks or Wizards.


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