- The Prologue for Flowered Dreamby Ricky1024
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An Introduction
"Flowered Dreams"
: The Prologue for Flowered Dream by Ricky1024
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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
The Prologue for "Flower
Written September 25th 2020
By Doctor Ricky 1024
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'All Rights Reserved'

'The thought of Nature came to mind when deciding to create the book,
"Flower Dreams'
'This project will encompass my many, many, memories gone and passed.'
'The pictured images long past but the many Beautiful Images that will forever last.'


"The Purple Flower"
Chapter Number One
Written September 2nd, 2020

"Within the Presence of God, a Single, Purple, Flower emerges"
(Theology 50.15)
'The year was long past and I was only a child attending my very first year of School in Sewell, New Jersey.'
'Very, Very, Shy...
'Yes, afraid of all but this is not about me?'
'Jan Hunter was So Special.'
'The Purple Flower of my Blue eyes.'
'Yes, and with a bitter taste...
'In my Dreams...
'But now so hard to remember or see her face.'
'But I will never forget and shall always will realize...
'The Pretty Purple Flower with the Pretty Blue Eyes.'
'Yes, as if this little girl of Grace?'
'And, she was so close to God that I figured?'
'That she was going to be my girl forever.'
'Yes, and ever as ever could ever be?'
'But unfortunately for me?'
'Never to be?'
'And, every flower will one day wilt and pass away.'
'But not on this day where I loved her so...
'Yes, we would walk to school and once I even got up to courage to hold her hand!'
'And, she smiled at me!'
'After school?'
'We would go to the meadow."
'Yes, where we would begin to realize...
'Realize that this was our very own...
'Are very own and little Special place!'
'And, if you could ever understand?'
'My Pretty little Purple Flower of Grace.'
'The year was well past in 1960.'
'And, I still remember my Sweet, Sweet Flowered Lass.'
'But every flower shall one day wilt and die.'
'And the next part, still makes me cry.'
'For no more would we walk to School.'
'No more holding of hands nor Meadow Fair.'
'No picking pretty flowers or watching the many, many, Pretty Butterflies.'
'Yes, the Beautiful Butterflies that fly.'
'Because they say that "Butterflies are Free"
'But as for me and my Jan?'
'She died you see.'
'Yes, from a Brain Hemorrhage way back in 1960.'
'And, as sad as this can be.'
'She had a wish and she had a prayer.'
'And, I still to this very day.'
'Remember what I heard.'
'Dear Lord, I dream of a world where no one is homeless.'
'Where no one is hurting or in pain.'
'Yes, I'm only a child of six but I dream of a day when the sick are healed.'
'And, no child like me.'
'Is left an orphan.'
'Dear Lord, do You see?'
'Yes, I dream of that day when all the animals are set free.'
'And, then filled with love like You and me.'
'Where people treat the Planet with respect.'
'Where people care for each other again?'
'And, someday I dream...
'To be forever above with Thee.'
Jan Hunter
June 3rd, 1954~
September 10th, 1960
Approximate Word Count: 585.


Author Notes
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Incredible and Gifted artist, 'avmurry'
And, her Incredible picture entitled,
"The Yellow Rose of Texas"


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