- Chapter 29by teols2016
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Jefferson and Monique take their relationship further.
Par Angusta Ad Augusta
: Chapter 29 by teols2016

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.
A law professor gets a family and a bookstore owner offers advice.

Previously in "Par Angusta Ad Augusta":

After his brother and sister-in-law are killed in a car accident overseas, NYU law professor Jefferson Thomas brings his young nieces and nephew to live with him in Manhattan. Meanwhile, local bookstore owner Monique Vasquez continues running her family's business as she and Jefferson build a relationship.

The house was silent when Jefferson stepped in through the front door with Presley at his side. Since it was shortly before midnight, it was not surprising that everyone was fast asleep. Jefferson let Presley out of her harness and quietly headed upstairs to his office.

* * *

Beth was already making breakfast when Jefferson came downstairs and poured himself some coffee.

"You were out late last night," she commented.

"Did I break curfew?" Jefferson asked.

"Were you with that girl? Monique?"

"I was."

Beth studied him.

"Does she know you have three kids living here with you?" she inquired.

"She's met them," Jefferson said.

"How does she feel about that?"

"She's supportive. She definitely likes kids. There's no problem."

Beth nodded once.

"I've already lost a son and a woman I considered a daughter. Be careful. I don't want to see you hurt."

"Uncle Jeff!" Taylor called from upstairs. "Grandpa's making strange sounds! We can hear him!"

The moment between mother and son was broken.

"He's probably trying to sing in the shower," Beth remarked.

* * *

Monique was rolling up and down the aisles of her store. It was a slow day and nobody seemed to need her help. Frank was up by the register, reading a magazine. Kathy was out that day, visiting with one of her daughters, and Samuel was up in the storeroom, cleaning up.

"What's with you?" Frank asked, noticing Monique's glazed-over eyes.

"I'm just thinking," Monique said absent-mindedly.

"About your boy toy?" Frank asked. "What did you two do last night?"

"Nothing you need to be concerned about," Monique told him sternly. But she decided she did need to talk to Jefferson. So she turned around and headed to her office.

Once inside and set up behind her desk, Monique dialed Jefferson's home number. An older woman answered the phone and she guessed it was Jefferson's mother.

"Hi," she said. "I'm looking for Jefferson Thomas. Is he there."

"I'm sorry, but he's not," the woman said. "He's teaching. He should be home soon though. Could I take a message?"

"No, that's all right. Thank you and have a nice day."

She did not want this to be an unofficial introduction between herself and her boyfriend's mother. She instead tried Jefferson's cell number. This time, Jefferson answered.

"Hey," Monique said. "Can you talk?"

"I just finished up my class," Jefferson said. "What's up?"

"I just wanted to talk. We kind of unloaded a lot on each other last night."

"Yeah. You okay?"

"I'm fine. I just wanted you to know that I'm okay with your mistakes. I wasn't in your life then. The past is the past."

"Okay. Thanks."

Monique waited a moment.

"But I also need you to know that if you ever do that to me, it's over between us," she said. "It happens and we're done. I won't stand for that."

"Sure," Jefferson said. "Thanks for your honesty."

"And I meant what I said last night. I love you."

* * *

Jefferson finished the call and pocketed his cell phone. He considered his conversation with Monique and what he had meant.

He thought back on his affairs with Margaret and Amy. One was a mutually-defined drunken mistake which now had little chance of ever being revealed. The other had yet to be defined, though it bothered him a bit less now. The leap of faith he and Monique took to get to this place carried no regrets.

Smiling, Jefferson checked the time and continued down the corridor.

* * *

"I'm looking for Monique Vasquez," Jefferson said.

"She's working in her office in the back," the man told him. "What's this regarding?"

"I'm a friend of hers. I need to speak to her."

He could tell from the man's snicker that he knew exactly what "friend" meant. For the first time since requesting an Uber from the law school, he began to wonder if this was the right way to do this.

"Turn left and go straight back," the man told him. "You'll walk right into her door."

Jefferson did as he was told and located the door. He knocked loudly.

"Come in," Monique said from the other side.

Jefferson entered. Monique was definitely surprised to see him.

"What's up?" she asked.

"I just wanted to tell you ..." Jefferson said, his voice faltering. "I have to tell you ... oh for God's sake! I love you ... or, I think, I love you, too."

Monique emitted a slight gasp. Jefferson came around the desk and kissed her.

"Guess we have that settled," Monique remarked and they shared a laugh.

"I wish I could stay," Jefferson said. "But I've gotta get home."

Monique understood.

"I love you too," she said. "I'll call you later."

Jefferson left and Monique could see Frank and Samuel standing by the open office door. Frank was wearing an enormous grin on his face and Samuel was unsure of how to act in this situation. Monique was sure Kathy would hear all about this very soon.

"Someone better be watching the cash register," she warned. "I find any money missing, I'm taking double that amount out of all your paychecks,"

Frank and Samuel quickly disappeared from view.

* * *

Jefferson's parents left a few days later, promising to visit again soon. Not long after that, the girls were out of school for the summer and, with Anya around and quite comfortable in the house, Jefferson decided to also keep Matthew home from day care. The kids stayed with Anya every day that he had to go and teach. He did the rest of his work at home and only stayed late if a student wanted to talk to him.

* * *

Monique was eating dinner when the phone in the kitchen rang. Joan went to answer it. She was soon handing the receiver over to Monique with a big grin on her face.

"Hello?" Monique asked, sure she knew who it was. As she worked to handle the receiver with one hand, she waved Joan away with the other.

"Hey," Jefferson said. "You busy?"

"No," Monique said, making sure Joan had retreated into the bedroom. "I'm just eating dinner. What's up?"

"I've got an offer for you. The 4th of July's just around the corner."

"It is."

"I've got dinner reservations at this great place that's practically on the river. You ever hear of High Street on Hudson?"

Monique smiled.

"Yeah," Monique said. "Sure. Sounds great," she confirmed. "In the West Village, right?"

"That's it," Jefferson confirmed. "You in?"

"How could I say 'no'?"

"Okay then. There is one more thing. The girls' school is doing this indoor camping trip thing next week. They're calling it a summer kickoff. Anyway, I've got Anya, who could potentially take Matthew for that same night."

Monique's smile widened.

"What could you be getting at now?" she queried mischievously.

* * *

"Hey," Eric said, coming down the corridor in the law school's building, ducking around two students in the process. "How are you?"

"How is it that you're not teaching a summer class and you still come here?" Jefferson wondered aloud.

"Better coffee, and maybe I wanted to say 'hi' to you."


They stepped out of the way of a group of approaching students.

"No problem," Eric said. "How are things? I hardly get to see you anymore."

"Teach a class during the summer," Jefferson remarked. "It'll give you an excuse to get out of Queens every so often."

"Amy's still working. Someone's gotta stay home and keep the boys and the house in check."

"You're here now."

"The boys are in summer camp. The house will stand on its own for a few hours."

Jefferson nodded.

"You should consider getting your Rugrats into a summer camp," Eric added. "It does wonders for the rest of your life."

"Maybe next year," Jefferson said. "I've had the kids for three months. I'd like to get to know them a bit more before I send them away."

* * *

Monique looked at herself in the full-length mirror attached to the inside of one of her closet doors. She normally didn't like to use this mirror as it brought her wheelchair into full view, making her see herself the same way others saw her. She did not like to see herself that way. She wasn't just some woman strapped into a wheelchair.

But tonight was different, or at least it would be. Tonight, a man was on his way over and he wanted her sexually. That hadn't happened in a long time and Monique couldn't help feeling excited about it. So seeing her wheelchair in the mirror didn't matter.

Not surprisingly, Joan had deduced exactly what Monique had planned. While she wouldn't be around when Jefferson arrived, she did come by a little earlier to make sure Monique was okay. She also helped spruce her up a bit. Monique absolutely refused her suggestion to dress up in some sort of sexy outfit. After all, she and Jefferson would be having dinner first.

There was a knock on the door. Monique came out of her bedroom and went to let Jefferson in. He had brought a bouquet of flowers along, which he handed to her.

"Already?" Monique asked. "I'd have thought you'd wait until after tonight to see how things went first."

"What can I say," Jefferson replied, coming inside. "I like to be prepared."

Monique shut and locked the door behind him. Jefferson let Presley off her harness and the dog immediately began exploring the apartment. Monique naturally took the opportunity to pet the affectionate animal. She then had Jefferson retrieve a vase and a bowl from her kitchen.

"The sink's to your right," she directed as she followed. "Fill both up with water."

The bowl went on the floor for Presley while the flowers went into the vase and were set on the kitchen counter.

With Jefferson's help, Monique was then able to free herself from the confines of her wheelchair and they sat down on the couch to begin digging into their dinner. This evening's cuisine consisted of Indian takeout.

"Do you ever eat American food?" Jefferson asked.

"I'm a bit more exotic than that," Monique said. "Life's more fun that way. Here, help me with this thing."

Jefferson helped her set up her TV tray, as her coffee table was way too low for her to eat off of and she didn't trust her hands to be able to handle any food dish for very long. The tray's height worked much more in her favor, so she could eat while the firm couch cushions allowed her to remain seated relatively upright.

"So you don't like handling glasses or dishes, huh?" Jefferson asked.

"I don't have the strength in my hands to keep a good grip on them for very long," Monique explained, carefully nudging her glass a bit closer so she could drink from the straw. "I've dropped my fair share of plates and glasses and stuff."

"Uh-huh," Jefferson said.

They ate in silence for a while, each consumed with anticipation about what was to come. Presley was nearby, amusing herself with a toy Jefferson had brought for her.

"Not much of a romantic setting," Jefferson commented at one point.

"Well," Monique remarked. "It's not like either of us is a virgin. I think what'll happen later is when it'll really count."

After they finished eating, Jefferson cleared away the empty plastic dishes and threw them out. He then returned to the couch and began kissing Monique.

"I love you," he told her.

"I love you too," Monique said.

Thankfully, Presley was ignoring this make-out session.

"Okay," Monique finally said, pulling slightly away from Jefferson. "We can continue this one of two ways ... either you help me back into my chair or you carry me into my bedroom."

"I think I like that second one," Jefferson said, scooping her up.

"Just don't decapitate me on the door frame," Monique warned as she began directing him on where to go.

They entered her bedroom and Jefferson put her down on her bed. Monique quickly pulled him on to it with her. They then resumed kissing as they ran their hands over each other.

"Keep your hands further up," Monique advised at one point. "By my shoulders ... I can feel them there.

"How far down do you feel them?" Jefferson asked.

"Just past my nipple line."

Jefferson mockingly began fondling her breasts through her blouse.

"I guess I should have kept that a secret," Monique remarked as she ran her hands up his chest. She found the first button on his shirt and began to try to undo it, but she lacked the correct motor skills necessary to accomplish this.

"Having some trouble?" Jefferson teased.

"Maybe a little," Monique admitted with a smile and a pouty tone. "Buttons are hard."

Jefferson began unbuttoning his own shirt while she moved her hands lower. She was able to unbuckle his belt but she needed help with the button and zipper of his pants.

"Hey," Jefferson said as he pulled his pants off. "How come I'm the only one getting undressed here?"

Before Monique could respond, he pulled her blouse up over her head and tossed it aside. Her slacks soon followed.

Now clad only in their underwear, they began another furious make out session.

"Hey," Monique said. "This is probably a really bad time to bring this up, but you brought a condom, right?"

"Yeah," Jefferson said. "I've got one."

Monique kept on kissing him. At this point, he wasn't teasing her by touching her breasts. No, the way his hands explored them and the rest of her body made it inescapably clear he wanted her. He wanted all of her. That was no problem, as she wanted him just as badly, if not more.

She felt his hands on her upper back and a moment later, she felt her bra loosen around her chest. Jefferson pulled the garment away as she let one of her hands graze the front of his boxer shorts. Taking the opportunity to remove one of his articles of clothing on her own, she pushed them down his legs as far as she could reach. They were soon on the floor, followed shortly by her panties.

Jefferson stopped to seemingly survey her now nude body and Monique momentarily felt as though he could actually see her. She, being able to see, wasted no time in doing some surveying.

As though he realized he couldn't see her, Jefferson once again let his hands roam across her skin, both where she could feel them and where she couldn't. His lips meanwhile moved across her collarbone and shoulder.

Monique was loving every minute of his attention. Maybe it was because she hadn't been in this situation with a man in years or because she truly loved the man she was now in this situation with, but she just wanted more and more from him.

"Go get the condom," she finally said, breathless. "Now. Go get it."

Jefferson obligingly got off the bed and found his pants hanging by a belt loop off one of Monique's bedposts. He needed to check three pockets before finding the condom.

Monique managed to prop herself up on her elbows and watched him work, her body tingling with anticipation. She had long ago learned that, while she could get some physical sensations sent through to her brain during intercourse, they weren't enough to satisfy her. Around that same time, she had learned about the concept of having a mental orgasm, allowing her to experience the pleasure of having sex.

And now that was exactly what was about to happen. Jefferson got back on to the bed and positioned himself over Monique. She took a deep breath and looked at him with longing.

Author Notes
I have rearranged this story a bit. It is now thirty-eight chapters (instead of the original forty-two.)

Cast of characters:

Jefferson Thomas: a blind NYU law professor.

Presley: Jefferson's guide dog.

Monique Vasquez: a bookstore owner in Manhattan

Abigail and Taylor Thomas: seven-year-old twin daughters of Stanley and Margaret Thomas. Nieces of Jefferson Thomas.

Matthew: four-year-old son of Stanley and Margaret Thomas. Nephew of Jefferson Thomas.

Anya Motkova: Jefferson's new live-in nanny.

Joan: Monique's nurse.

Beth and William Thomas: Jefferson and Stanley's parents. Abigail, Taylor, and Matthew's grandparents.

Stanley "Stan" Thomas: Jefferson's brother. Killed in a car accident in Berlin.

Margaret "Maggie" Thomas: Stan's wife. Killed in a car accident in Berlin.

Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy.


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