- Every Flower Shall One Day Wilt by Ricky1024
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Thoughts of a lost child.
"Flowered Dreams"
: Every Flower Shall One Day Wilt by Ricky1024
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Follows with another Amazing Journey Entitled,
"Nothing but Love!"

"Every Flower Shall One Day"
(Wilt and Die)
Written September 29th 2020
By Doctor Ricky 1024
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'All Rights Reserved'
"Within the perimeter of a Single Lifetime"
"Many, many, Blooms will pass away"
(Theology 50.16)

Life begins with a simple splitting of a single cell an active love given is a gift from above!
Within the process known as "mitosis"
As the sister cells presented through the chromosomes. Will split in equal halves and continue forward.
Movement as if a dance? A simple chance of Gamble?
Creating within?
A fetus.
And as the first trimester of life present itself?
The year was 1985 and I was expecting the fifth and last child.
My wife Carolyn Ann had already successfully given me a daughter in '83 and then are only son in '84.
(Corinne Alexis and Jason Richard Smrkovsky)
at this point in our career I figured this was old hat I know the routine the water breaks we finally get our stuff together get in the car and drive to community memorial hospital in toms River New Jersey.
She will be 10 c.
(centimeters dilated)
And our child will be born within an hour!
Yes, as always a normal and natural childbirth!
At this point my job was just to my wife come and watch of course the monitor that regulates the fetus's heartbeat.
When a child is in vitro inside the woman.
The fetus heartbeat is between 140 160 beats a minute.
So, I figure I got this?
The water done!
Delivered safely in the hands of the professionals at the hospital!
The keyword here is "safely"
An, the hospital was offered birth in the actual hospital bed!
That wasn't for Carolyn!
Because instead?
There's something going on that is not in her normal area of one two three baby!
And baby I knew in my heart and my gut that something is not quite normal?
Yes the monitor was going below the one 40 then below the 120 and then almost at a hundred which was not normal!
I am no medical doctor but I'm not no stupid idiot and I've seen two birth and I know what is right and what is wrong!
I signaled a nurse a second time cuz the first time my wife said do not worry honey the baby's turning!
He had the baby was in there turning and doing the twist because her neck was being restricted with the cord!
And this ain't no "Chubby Checker dance!"
Believe me!
'Let's twist again like we did last summer!'
'Let's twist again, twisting time is here!'
'Oh, round and around and up and down we go again!'
Do not pass go do not collect $200!
'Instead dumb nurse!'
'Get an internal monitor within my wife and see what is going on with the baby's heartbeat!'
I commonly stated.
And yes, they were preparing for a C-section when the woman did what I asked.
And, because the heartbeat was now around 90.
Which is dangerous!
A call went out for a delivery room doctor.
A Filipino female on call.
I didn't even get a chance to put my gown on, as my naked ass was hanging out the little room to change.
And, then nurses were laughing at me!
You have to realize back then everything was super sterile.
Back in 1985.
There was actually walls of sheets of plastic separating rooms that you had to pass through!
And, yes the nurses were laughing at me because I thought I had to have all my clothes off which I didn't!
Just call me...
"Doctor Ricky Chippendale!"
To make a long story short.
Yes, the chord was wrapped around my daughter's neck!
Twice which wasn't very nice!
What the heck!
And yes, she came out!
And yes, she was a little blue!
But she was fine!
And, tomorrow on the 30th of September?
My last and youngest Dana Alyse Smrkovsky.
We'll celebrate her 35th birthday!
Thank God!
Approximate Word Count:728.


Author Notes
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this amazing, as well as, Talented artist, 'cleo85
And, her Incredible picture Entitled,
"Holding the Future"


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