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Comment from Blu Rider
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The thing to do would be to follow the writers you like and/or respect - that way you'll get notified of their latest work. Or just go to their ports and choose something to comment on. It doesn't have to be up for review - in fact many fine poets here can't afford to promote their work, or choose not to, so would be grateful for an honest opinion without paying you to give one.

I see you're only following one person - this site isn't called Fanstory for nothing. Everyone here does their share of reviewing, some more than others it's true, but everyone likes to get reviewed, just as I'm sure you do.

So return the favour - say what you like or don't like about someone's poem. Needless to say we all have our egos, but personally I'd welcome a harsh review if it was honest and sincere, regardless of the standing of the reviewer. And let's face it, we're only as good as our latest work, so it's a level playing field really.

You don't even have to say much if you don't want to. Try it and see - treat it as another form of expression, see where it takes you. -Blu

 Comment Written 15-Feb-2021

reply by the author on 21-Feb-2021
    Thanks Blu, I know you are right, im going through a family thing now just a little down on myself. I wil take your advice, thank you.?
Comment from robyn corum
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Hello. I am not really sure what this was all about. You might be surprised at some of the histories of the folks here. Amazing stories. Baffling stories. Incredible stories.

As to the high wire stuff- I worked as a lineman/repairman for the phone co for two years, so I have some idea of what you are talking about. I never pulled anything as long as you did, but working alone, I pulled lines that I had to use my truck to help me with. (Shhhh... they do not know that.)

This is a writing site. We all start somewhere- and because we do get honest feedback-if we try and apply what we learn-we grow. That is what makes FS so crazy good. So much like a college writing course-only better.

I challenge you to stop looking for excuses and start making contacts that will change you forever.

Good luck.

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2021

reply by the author on 14-Feb-2021
    Well thank you, Robyn I'm sorry if it sounded like crying if it sounded like excuses it was taken out of context I was looking for a way to do reviews, and be objective, congratulations on working for the phone co. I was pulling wire for Verizon when it was C and P that was before nineteen eighty =four
reply by robyn corum on 15-Feb-2021
    Oh, no. Ha. Do not take it that way. I am just being straight with you. Pulling no punches, you know? It is all good.

    Read what I said again objectively. I am not dissing you just saying you are here to write and grow, right?? You are in the absolute right place. All of us come here at diff levels. You know where you are. The problem folks are the ones who think they are so magnificent but actually need a reality check. You will see. Just dig in.

    IMO, we can all take extra time being all nice and fluffy or just be real and get stuff done. I treat folks like I wish people had treated me a long while back. We good?
reply by the author on 21-Feb-2021
    We are good, going through the big d not Dallas just tring to regroup if this is messed blame my tablet.
Comment from Anne Johnston
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Thank you for sharing some of yourself. There are so many talented writers on here, and like you sometimes it is hard to express what we feel when we read their poems and stories. I just try to write from my heart what I see, and what speaks to me.

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2021

reply by the author on 14-Feb-2021
    Thank you Anne,for looking in on me,I will always write from the heart,I really do want to be a better reviewer, that's what I was trying to say.The poem I reviewed was very good spiritual poem,since I talk to God often it was close to my heart.
reply by Anne Johnston on 14-Feb-2021
    You are welcome