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Whale Tails Versus Whale Tales

This was written for a boy who has a Whale stuffed animal

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Comment from BethShelby
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This is cute whale tale. I'll bet your grandson has a stuffed whale for a toy. I just remember there was a stuffed whale in my kids toy box at one time. That seems like a strange animal to make into to a stuffed toy, but the big aquarium her sells many of them in its giftshop.

 Comment Written 04-Mar-2021

reply by the author on 04-Mar-2021
    Thank you Beth for reading this story and for the very nice review.
    Actually this was written for someone else's child. The man doing our mortgage paperwork has two children. We noticed the drawings and photographs on his window sill, and talked to him about his children. Long story short, I sent him a copy of my "A Teddy Bear Promise" for his daughter, and felt his son would feel left out. So, I wrote this story for his son, who did have a stuffed whale.
    He read it to him, and he loved it.
    Thanks again,
Comment from roof35
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It's almost as much fun as "Who's on First?" This is very cute and I imagine that little boy and others will love reading this. The illustration pairs perfectly. I chuckled as I read.

 Comment Written 03-Mar-2021

reply by the author on 03-Mar-2021
    Wow! an Exceptional review. YOU made my day, and the story made the little boy's. The rest of the story is the dad wants him to finally give up his stuffed animal, but I think that will now have to wait a few months. Thanks for the exceptional review, and I'm thrilled you liked it that much. It was a rushed writing, as I gave the dad the Teddy Bear Promise for his little girl, and felt his son would feel left out.
    Thanks again,