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Looking for Demons

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An Investigator needs to find a demon

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Comment from Adri7enne
This work has reached the exceptional level

Ah, your characters are so fun! The dialogue is quick, informative, defines the characters and easy to follow. You're really in the groove with this tale. Truly enjoyable reading. Keep writing!

 Comment Written 13-Aug-2021

reply by the author on 13-Aug-2021
    Thanks. I guess I'll have to finish it now
Comment from Frances Jean
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There are a couple of spelling mistakes in the background statement and 'else's is misspelt in paragraph three. I enjoyed this part of your story and it fulfilled the purpose of leaving me wanting more. We'll done!
Cheers Franky

 Comment Written 11-Aug-2021

reply by the author on 12-Aug-2021
    Wanting more is all an author an ask for, thank you.
Comment from Jay Squires
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

You'll have to bear with me, Snodlander, while I explain something. I may miss a chapter or two of your novel, which ultimately leaves gaps in the storyline. The reason is that I don't read stories here unless they are promoted. I've already encountered one chapter that only paid me 2 cents to read. Frankly, as tantalizingly convincing as your prose is, I can't afford the time to read something for 2 cents. It's the stupid system Fanstorians live under. Everything I publish goes high on page one, usually in the first or second slot. It's important to attract eyeballs. I don't learn enough from the one or two readers I would get reviews from if I didn't promote.

Sorry, I'm taking so much of your space explaining my motives, but in case you wonder why my reviewing your stuff is spotty, I feel I owe an explanation.

There was nothing ese he could do. [your slip of the finger here, I'm sure, has already been pointed out.]

I am really impressed by your facility with dialogue. You are one of the few I've seen who can sustain it for multiple sentences without a bit of narrative to break up the monotony. Each sentence of dialogue seems tongue-and-groove snapped into the next, so you can have paragraphs of dialogue rivalling the Russians. I don't know that anyone would think to mention this to you, so I thought I would.

An excellent chapter, Snodlander. Do you have a freaking first name? Snodlander feels like an insult when I say it.

 Comment Written 11-Aug-2021

reply by the author on 12-Aug-2021
    Thanks. No need to explain your reading strategy. People have told me about promoting before, but unfortunately most of the posts here are poetry. I find reviewing poetry difficult on account of a) I know little about poetry and b) people seem to be far more sensitive about their poetic posts than their prose.

    Thanks for your review. Glad you liked it. As for my name, telling you that would bind me to your will. Mere mortals know me as Bob.