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The Berwick Witches Series: Book One

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Comment from ~NERVĚ Dark Angel
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I was captivated the whole time with this read. The imagery you create with detailed decriptions is awesome. Can't wait for the movie :)

 Comment Written 26-Jul-2015

reply by the author on 26-Jul-2015
    Movie, in deed. :) Than you so much.
reply by ~NERVĚ Dark Angel on 26-Jul-2015
    My pleasure
Comment from justafan
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Another great chapter my friend. It seems to have been awhile in the making. I hope your well and doing ok. The introduction of the Succubus is great work. The dialog was well thought out and put together nicely. All in all, very well done.


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 Comment Written 26-Jul-2015

reply by the author on 26-Jul-2015
    Thank you very much.